October Giveaway Winner & Participation Round-Up


Thanks for making October a fantastic month! We've been prepping for NaNoWriMo, and it's a good thing we have The Pirate Plan for NaNo Prep. If you're prepping too, be sure to check out our crew members thoughts on how to make the most of NaNoWriMo. And if you're tired of prepping and just need to be PUMPED UP, the lovely ladies of the #WriteClub made a video just for you. :)

It's time for a shout-out to those who participated in our October challenges.

G. Myrthil led a Word Sprint on October 23rd:

"Fun and productive sprint tonight! Megan Conway got down 779 words, Rachel Searles filled in more of her synopsis, Jennifer Pickrell wrote 722 words, and Sarah Chafin reworked 300 words and revised. :)"

Erin L. Schneider led a Word Sprint on October 17th:

"GREAT Sprinting for Thursday from Megan Conway (826 words), Jennifer Pickrell (460 words), Sara Biren (856 words), Kelly Loy Gilbert (249), Bridgid prepped for NaNo next month, and lame me - only drafted! Outstanding job to those of you that cranked out some wordage (yes, that is a word. Don't judge)."

Sara Biren led on October 16th: 

  • Jen Pickrell: 342
  • Megan Conway: 291
  • Victoria Shayne: 1492
  • Sara Biren: 1719 

Heidi Sinnett led on October 9th: 

"Tonight, we had Jennifer Pickrell at 491 words, Megan Conway at 666, Sara Biren at 1412, Kris Oliver at 426, and Heidi Sinnett at 250. Fantastic turnout tonight!"

Kris F. Oliver led on October 2nd: 

Jennifer Pickrell wrote 443 words.


That's a total of  11,724 words in October, which doesn't even count the revisions and plotting a lot of our participants worked on - how awesome is that!? High fives to everyone who participated! Be on the lookout for some serious Word Sprinting fun next month!

And now on to our giveaway!

This month Sara Biren interviewed YA author Dawn Klehr.  The winner of this month's giveaway will receive a copy of Dawn's YA Thriller, THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR.


The winner of our October Giveaway is:

Rachel Solomon

Congratulations, Rachel! Expect an email from us shortly with the details. 

Thanks for a great month!