X Marks the Spot!


Ahoy, Landlubbers!  The crew heard called th' YA Buccaneers, have us some swashbucklin' grand news 'bout our own Cap'n E. Hook! After much plunderin' an' sailin' plenty o' leagues from port, our great Cap'n has landed herself th' shiniest piece o' gold in all her treasure---a mighty agent!


Captain E Hook #4.png

Erin L. Schneider

Shiver me timbers, but we arrrrrrghhhh so excited fer ya, we jus had to shout it from this here Crow’s Nest! Me hearties, she stuck it out an' found her sea legs, and we're mighty proud!

Blimey, mateys, 'nuff o' the pirate speak fer a rogue wave 'r two.

Erin, the YA Buccaneers are thrilled your long hours of hard work and determination have paid off, and that you’ve signed with Lisa Grubka at Fletcher & Company.

WHERE THE WATER FALLS is a brilliant story, with characters that face struggles and heartache no one should have to endure. We’re positive this book will find a good home, and eventually make it, in hardcover, to our very own shelves. It might not have been an easy journey, but we knew you could do it all along! Congratulations!

Ahoy now, Cap'n! Yer ship's about to set sail!