The Triple Crown of Word Sprints


A trifecta of NaNoWriMo Word Sprints – this week at YA Buccaneers!

This crew o’ mangy pirates arrrrr behind ye all th’ way, NaNoMates!

To show our support and to give you that teensy weensy extra push you might need over the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re hosting not one, not two, but THREE Word Sprints this week.

The Triple Crown of Word Sprints, if you will, to spur you on toward the finish line.

You can see it, right, just around that last bend of the track? 50k. You’ve banged out The Beginning, you’ve muddled through The Middle. It’s now time to write The End.

Join me on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 9 pm EST for one hour of writing blitz/bliss.

Don't forget to mention @YABuccaneers and use the hashtag #YABWordSprint. And enter to win our great prize this month!

Happy Writing!


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