{Spoiler Free} Book Review: ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth

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I finished reading ALLEGIANT at 4am in the morning...and sat there for what I'm sure was a solid hour while I tried to wrap my head around it.

Three weeks later, I'm still at a loss for words. I think I will be for a while. After reading several other reviews, I found that I wasn't alone in why:

The Beginning:

The first half of ALLEGIANT moved a little too slow. Maybe it was because of how INSURGENT ended, I expected this one to jump right in the action from the first page.  

Ms. Roth also decided to write this one with alternating POV's between Tris and Four, and unfortunately for me, at times the voice tended to sound very similar. But...I loved getting inside Four's head and seeing things from his perspective, so for me, I almost preferred his chapters over Tris's.

The Middle:

Things definitely picked up for the second half of the book and I flew through the pages -- the same as I did for DIVERGENT. The action was non-stop by this point and I actually tried to read slower because I had a feeling I knew where things were headed

The End:

Like so many others, over the years I've become heavily invested in many of the characters from this series and I'm sad to say goodbye to them:

Tris: While she had her issues, she also overcame so much -- from the heavy decision to leave Abnegation, to joining Dauntless, to learning all about what it meant to being Divergent. She wasn't strong and in your face right off the bat. She built up to that, learning, growing, and proving herself -- and quickly became one of my favorite female heroines. 

Four: Oh I'm going to miss him the most. He was oh-so boy from the very first moment he stepped onto the page and so many snippets of him have stayed with me since reading DIVERGENT -- like the scene where Tris watches Four and his shirt lifts just enough, exposing this little sliver of skin on his stomach just above his waistband. Or how he would say things with a dangerous quiet like, "Careful, Tris." when she was on the verge of stepping over the line. Four is definitely in my top 5 of all-time favorite boy's in YA, as I'm sure he is for many others.

Favorite characters aside though, I think the ending for me was (for purely selfish reasons)...I don't know...disappointing. Painful. Heartbreaking. Frustrating...oh, so frustrating. And something I'll definitely be trying to wrap my head around for a long time. 

But...I can completely see why Ms. Roth wrote it the way she did -- she even shared a blog post here on why. And even though she's said from the very beginning she knew how it all would end, I'd love to know if she struggled at all with deciding the final chapters of this series when it came down to the wire -- and I'd wager there were many people on her publishing team that didn't make that decision any easier for her. Honestly, I do think it took guts. Because I believe most authors would've chosen differently.

Net/net, this series had me captivated from the very first page -- and even if I'm not personally thrilled with how it all ended, overall, it was the exact roller coaster ride it needed to be.

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If you have read all three books in the series, what did you think of the 3rd book (without giving away too much!)? What did you think of how it all ended?

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