Meet: Back From The Dead Red


Today we’re introducing Ellen Goodlett to our crew. Leonardo di Lemure, our resident lemur and dedicated fan of female pirates, particularly those with mustaches (most especially Jas Ketch, Siren of the Seychelles). Although Ellen doesn’t have a mustache (yes, he asked), he still rubbed his paws together at the thought of our greeting our very first crew member who didn’t have to edit her photo to look like a pirate.

Let’s start with a little about Ellen:


After sailing the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh for years, Ellen has finally dropped her anchor in New York City’s Hudson Bay. When she’s not off adventuring or hunting for buried treasure books, Ellen writes young adult science fiction, because that way she can have high-tech gadgetry and swashbuckling all at the same time. Ellen is represented by the talented Lady Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary.

And now I’ll hand it off to Leo.

*strides onto deck*

*sweeps off hat and bows low*

Enchanté, Madame. You must be zee newest crew member, non? What ees your name, lovely creature of zee sea?

Back from the Dead Red

A superb name. Superb! Very fierce. Zee fierce pirate ladees are my favorite.


Dites-moi, ma chère, ‘ow did you come about your pirate name?

I once faked my own death to avoid an overdue parking ticket. Just kidding! But seriously, don’t tell anyone in Erie, PA that you’ve seen me around. Also red is my preferred color for tricorn hats. And I may or may not have pirated (har) the name from an epic 17th century lady.

Oh, you are sssssneaky! J’aime zee fierce pirate ladies!

*leans in*

Maybe you do not know, but zee ladies of the ship do not appreciate di Lemure as they should.

*looks sad*

They say I am cleeengy. A stalker, they call me.

*shakes head*

Lies! All of eet. I am a passionate lemur, Madame. Et passion ees difficult to cage, non?

*flips hand*

But zat ess of no importance. You, mon lapin!

*admires Back from the Dead Red*

You are new to zis boat … and in need of a friend. I am sure.

*looks smarmy*

Let’s get to know each other, oui? Share with me one word to describe yourself, s'il vous plaît.


Mais oui! But of course!

*fans self with hat*

Parfait, parfait! Maintenant, dites-moi your favorite books, your favorite authors. I wish to know all there is to know about you, ma crotte.

*clears throat*

For zee purposes of zee ship, of course.

This must be a trick question. Can we narrow this down my genre? My list would go on for eternity! But I’ll try to keep it short and sweet: Everything Jeanette Winterson and Neil Gaiman ever wrote. Harry Potter (duh!). A Tale of Two Cities for classics. The Ear, the Eye and the Arm for classic YA sci-fi. Recently also The Raven Boys and The Hunger Games and Liar and Bleeding Violet and The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennett (next Stephen King, I’m serious) and… Oh god, I could go on forever!

*scribbles furiously*

There are so many! Ah, but eet ees a good thing we are stuck on zee boat, non? I shall read all of your favorites so that we will have much to talk about.

*waggles eyebrows*

Should we be stuck on an island, what three things would you want?

*under breath*

Besides myself, of course!

*BIG wink*

I have actually given this a lot of thought. For starters, pizza, because I delivered it in the summers for a few years and ate it all day long and never got sick of it, thus determining that it could be my desert island food. I would also need an endless supply of writing materials. Laptop would be ideal, but if that’s not allowed because, you know, deserted island with no power, then I guess an endless pile of ballpoint pens and notebooks with pretty covers would suffice. If I had to, though, I’d resort to mixing up berries and finger-painting stories on some cave walls. Can’t keep a writer from her craft!

That’s really all I absolutely need, I suppose. If I could bring a third thing too, uh… Well, Captain Jack would be disappointed if he showed up to rescue me and there wasn’t any rum…


Ah, oui. We pirates do love our rum, non?

Alors. Dites-moi - tell me - about what you are most excited about, now zat you ‘ave joined our crew?

*looks hopeful*

There are so many good ones! But I’m probably looking forward to Truth and Dare or Learn the Ropes most. The latter because I love babbling about writing and hearing other people’s advice, and the former because I cannot resist a dare. Especially if it’s a Triple Dog Dare. That’s serious business.

Oui, oui. You are a daredevil, I am sure! But what is something we do not know about you.

*leans in*

Something special?

I used to work as a pub wench at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. There I trained to aim a mean marshmellow crossbow, learnt all the words to “The Wild Rover” and “Finnegan’s Wake,” sweet-talked many a land-lubber into purchasing me wares, and perfected the art of pirating leftover food from my mates.

*throws hat*

Mon dieu! Eet ees too much! I am overcome, mon poulet. Eet ees love, true love thees time, vraiment. Eef I should get a boat for us, mon amour, and you could sail anywhere in the world for a day, where would it be?

Definitely the Great Barrier Reef. Scuba diving there is on my bucket list! Plus I want to check out Australia. Even though everything on the continent was designed to kill me as quickly and efficiently as possible, it still seems like it’d be an exciting place to visit. Briefly. While armed with a lot of wilderness survival gear.

*nods sagely*

Eet ees because you are a fierce pirate lady. You love zee danger! Do you ‘ave anything else to add, mon trésor?

I solemnly swear that I am up to no – oh, sorry, wrong oath? But really, I can’t wait to set sail with everyone here! And I promise not to eat all the rations before we leave port. Honest.


So apparently, Leonardo has moved on from his last crush. :) Thanks for the great interview, Ellen! 

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Welcome to the crew, Ellen!