Meet: Shiver Me Timbers

Today, we’re welcoming Caroline T. Richmond to our crew. Jynx the One-Eyed Rat offered to take on Caroline’s interview. He’s on probation because he locked Scullywags the Macaw below decks, and hoped to make it up to us by doing an awesome interview. (If you’ve been following us, then you’ll remember that Jynx can be a bit of a punk.)We’ll see how it goes …

But first, here’s a little about Caroline:


Caroline Richmond is the author of ANOMALY, a young adult alternate history debuting in Fall 2014 from Scholastic Press. Caroline lives in the wilds of the Washington, DC suburbs where she drinks too much tea, watches too much 30 Rock, and dreams a lot about becoming a space explorer or a sloth wrangler. She has one husband, one dog, and one little baby on the way.

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Go ahead, Jynx!

*shuffles onto deck*

*slinks into chair with prolonged sigh*

*looks bored*


So, uh. What’s your name?

Argh, mateys! I chose “Shiver Me Timbers” because that’s one of the first things I think of when I think about pirates. (Along with talking parrots, wooden peg legs, and a first mate named Smee.) Also, “Shiver Me Timbers” makes me sound like I’m a very intimidating and very scary pirate, doesn’t it? I’m not very intimidating or scary in real life—I yelp at the sight of a tiny little spider— but my pirate alter ego sure is!


I’m not afraid of spiders. And we have loads on the ship. Loads.

*looks over shoulder to see if Dread Pirate B. heard*

*rustles papers*

So, um. What’s a word that, like, describes you?


(I’m 30 weeks pregnant.)

*wide eyes*

Whoa. Pregnant? That’s ... Uh. Whoa.

*shifts in chair*

*rustles papers*

*eyes Shiver Me Timbers over papers*

Er, so what are your favorite books and authors and stuff?

Tough question!  * Sweats a little * How am I supposed to choose?!


And as for adult fiction, I have a soft spot for THE THINGS THEY CARRIED, 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE, and anything by Jhumpa Lahiri. Le sigh. Her prose takes my breath away.

Okay. Yeah. Good choices.

*leans forward*


I love Matilda books. But don’t tell, ‘kay? Scullywags would never let me live that one down.

*leans back*

*raises voice*

So, uh. If you were stuck on a deserted island, but could have 3 things delivered to you, what would you ask for?

First, I’d definitely need an iPad—preferably with the best Deserted Island WiFi connection available—so I can read lots of books and laugh at funny GIFs I find on Buzzfeed.

Second, I’d like the Swiss Family Robinson house shipped to my island so I can live up my new tropical life in style. I’d also have AC, of course. You have to have AC on a deserted island!

And third, I need a pet sloth. I know that pirates usually go for a parrot sidekick but I’m bucking the trend and getting a three-toed sloth. His name shall be Sir Sleeps-a-lot.


Sir Sleeps-a-lot. That would be cool. A lot cooler than some stupid parrot.

*looks over shoulder*

*rustles paper*

Um, okay, so I’m supposed to ask you which of the site buckets you’re most excited about.

I’m super excited about the Word Sprints! I’m a s-l-o-w writer (thus I need a sloth sidekick) but word sprints really motivate me to ditch my inner editor and get those words down on a page. Also, I love the communal feeling of word sprints—it’s like you have a personal cheerleading squad urging you onward!

*sits up straighter*

Sloth sidekick? Like, a real Sir Sleeps-a-lot?

I don’t want to turn this interview into a sloth celebration post, but my husband and I volunteered at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica in January 2013! For a week, we fed the sloths, monitored the sloths, and played with the adorable orphaned baby sloths. It was bliss!

*looks excited for the first time EVER*

That’s cool.

You should TOTALLY get a sloth sidekick.

*bounces on chair*

On. The. Ship.

That would be SO cool.

*still bouncing*

Let’s finish up so I can go ask.

Erm. How about you make up a question? Just, like, whisper it to me and I’ll pretend I thought of it.

*leans in*


Good one. Okay, so who can eat more cookies: you or the Cookie Monster?

Usually I would say the Cookie Monster but after getting pregnant I could sure give him a run for his money! Like, I seriously eat cookies for breakfast sometimes.

Cookies are totally a breakfast food.

*rustles papers*

Okay, so that’s it. Wanna add anything else?

I’m so excited to join the YA Buccaneers crew and can’t wait to get to know our readers!

Sweet. I’m gonna’ go ask about a sloth!

*runs off deck*

Thanks for the great interview Caroline! We just might have to add a sloth to our crew. :) Remember: You can earn extra giveaway entries by commenting on this post, and by adding Caroline on Twitter. Just use the Rafflecopter below and you could win a signed copy of ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth!

Welcome to the crew, Caroline!