Meet: Captain E. Hook

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Scullywags here - squaaakkkkkk! - and I'm so excited to introduce one of our captains for the YA Buccaneers, Captain E. Hook - aka Erin L. Schneider - to the blog today!

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Erin hails from the ever-soggy city of Seattle, Washington and as soon as she could hold a book in her hands, she was dreaming of becoming a published author. Her passion has always been geared towards the Young Adult crowd, because to her, there's nothing more exciting than Friday night football games, being asked to Homecoming, and first kisses!

She is actively seeking representation for any one of the crazy tales of adventure she's penned and of course hopes to one day be published. 


So, Captain E. Hook, eh? How'd you come up with that one?

Well, every fine ship needs a Captain or two to navigate the uncharted seas - and for the past couple of years, I've been hankering to set sail on a YA adventure with my partner, er, pirate in crime, Bridgid Gallagher. Together we came up with the idea for YA Buccaneers and from there, the name Captain E. Hook just sorta stuck.

Captain E. Hook it is then! So, Captain, every great pirate should be able to describe herself in one word - what would your one word be?


Huh. I would've thought something more along the lines of Sword-Slinger or Fierce or...or. Never mind. I guess having a loyal Captain on board means you'll never have to worry about your navigator jumping ship! Buuuuuut...if you were to jump ship, which of your most favorite books would you take with you?

Definitely my entire Harry Potter collection. Everything by Roald Dahl. THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson and TWENTY BOY SUMMER by Sarah Ockler (actually, all of Sarah's books). And the GRACELING series by Kristen Cashore (love me some Brigan!). Oh, and THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Crap, also all of Courtney Summers books (yanno, THIS IS NOT A TEST, CRACKED UP TO BE) and THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater.

I'm evidently having issues narrowing this list down, as you can see.
Huh, you don't say? With all those books, there's a solid chance you might sink to the bottom of the ocean - but those are some pretty great reads! So let's just say you make it to a deserted island with all of these books. If you could have three things delivered to you, what would you ask for?

Only three? Sheesh. I'd have to say my laptop with an abundant source of battery power and internet connection (no, that isn't three things and I say so because I'm the Captain, that's why), an endless supply of SUGAR spf lip balm, and definitely Haribo gummi bears - but only the red and the green ones. 

My aren't we picky! What am I supposed to do with all the other colored gummi bears? But I guess since you're a Captain and all...
So you're stuck on this deserted island with your laptop and yes, you have an abundant source of battery power and internet connection (cause that's all possible) - and it's your turn to contribute to YA Buccaneers. Which bucket o' goodness on the site are you most looking forward to participating in?

Oh, that's a toss up between the Reading Mutiny challenge and Walk The Plank! Since I have all these great books on this island with me, of course, I'd love the challenge of reading! But then I also have my trusty laptop - so a great round of writing flash fiction would be just as awesome! 

Awesome indeed! What's one fun fact you'd like to share with everyone back here on the mainland?

When I was going to school at HPU in Hawaii (go Sea Warriors!) I took SCUBA lessons as one of my courses (yes, there is such a thing!) and I eventually started working for a SCUBA charter company. On one of the dives I was on, I was sticking my nose somewhere where it didn't belong - and was bitten by an eel. Well, technically, it latched on to my mask - but it sliced me across the nose and now I have a tiny scar...and the dang eel got away. Lucky for him, because he would've made for some great sushi.

A loyal Captain that can also fish? You're definitely YA Buccaneer material! Quick! Your island is being invaded by a band of swashbuckling hunks - what do you do? 

Invite them over to the fire and maybe share my gummi bears. Maybe

Well that sounds like a plan! So before we say goodbye and leave you to your, eh-em, red and green gummi bears, any last word?

You bet! I can't wait to join the rest of the crew and embark on this journey - we've got some great things planned and I hope you'll all join us!

Adventure awaits. Hook, out.

Well thank you, Captain E. Hook for such an entertaining interview! Check out Erin's bio on our Crew page for even more information and links to connect with her on her personal website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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Until next time, this is Scullywags signing off with a squaaakkkkkk!