Meet: Dread Pirate B

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As our interviews unfold, you'll learn about our ship's cast of critters. Today, meet Jynx, a pirate rat who would prefer many, many things to being a part of our crew. For what he lacks in enthusiasm, Jynx makes up for it with ... er ... sarcasm.

Before we get started, here's a little more about Bridgid Gallagher, known on the ship as Dread Pirate B. 



Bridgid Gallagher is a writer and web designer living in Moab, Utah. Her articles have been published in The Writer magazine, WOW! Women on Writing, and Seattle Woman magazine. She has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Washington and spent five summers working as a seasonal park ranger. Her travels have taken her to Iceland, Scotland, Thailand, Mexico, British Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Argentina. She is an avid rock climber, drinks far too many green smoothies, and she has a thing for taking photos of food (and yes, she knows that makes her weird). She writes Young Adult and Women’s fiction that often involves humor, with themes of family, friendship, and identity.

Take it away, Jynx!



 Hey, B. ‘Sup? 

Not much, Jynx.

*awkward silence*

Cool. So, um, yeah. What’s your pirate name, ‘n how did you choose it and stuff?

It’s Dread Pirate B., which is, of course, inspired by one of my favorite movies (also a great book), The Princess Bride. You’ll have to check out our video to hear more about it!

Video? You made a video? Whoa. Can I see it?

Definitely. We’ll be sharing it this week.

So, we can’t watch it now? 



What’s that, Jynx?

Uh, nothing. 

*clears throat*

So, um, if you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Emotional (bwahahaha)


I don’t get it.

It’s a girl thing, Jynx.

Uh, okaaaay. How about books? You must read those, right? 

Yes. I do read books.

So, um. What’re your faves?

Oh, there are too many to count! Let’s see, some of the first books I fell in love with include THE EGYPT GAME by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, DOOMSDAY BOOK by Connie Willis, and Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER series. Since then, my favorites list has been topped by THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabelle Allende, THE COLOR OF WATER by James McBride, PRODIGAL SUMMER by Barbara Kingsolver, THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova, THE THIRTEENTH TALE by Diane Setterfield, and THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker. In nonfiction, the top of my list includes HALF THE SKY, DESERT HIGHWAY, and Thich Nhat Hanh’s ANGER. I’ll stop there, but really, I could go on an on.

Whoa. That’s, like, a lot.

I agree. I happen to like reading quite a bit.

*rolls eyes*


*ruffles papers*

Next question: Say we’re stuck on an island. You could have three things delivered. What would they be?

Do food and water count?


Uh, no?

Let’s see. I’ve found that as long as I have something to write with (and on), something to read, and a way to reach my loved ones, I can stay relatively happy  ... But if it's sunny then I'd change those things to add in sun protection.

You totally cheated.

Did I? Hm. I guess I did. This pirate stuff is becoming second nature.  Well, let's just assume that I have a shady tree or rock to hide behind.

How about this:

  1. Notebook
  2. Pen
  3. Cell phone


Yeah, yeah. That’ll do. So, how about this whole website thing. What’re you most excited about?

Although I am very excited for all of our site topics and activities, I think I’m most excited about our Truth and Dare posts and the Word Sprints. The Truth and Dare posts because they’ll be such a fascinating way to learn more about our crew members and our readers. The Word Sprints because I can always use more incentive to write!

*ruffles papers*

Fun fact. Go.

I can touch my nose with my tongue. This has helped entertain my nieces and nephews many, many times, but otherwise has not proven very useful.

Can I see you do it?

Erm. Sure. (touches tongue to nose)

That’s gross.

Sorry. You did ask.

Totally not the point. 


Last question, Dread Pirate B. What’re three things we don’t know about you?

Oh, that’s a good one. 

  1. When I was five years old, I saw Star Wars for the first time and decided that I was going to marry Luke Skywalker. That didn’t happen, but I still know an embarrassing amount of Star Wars trivia.
  2. For most of my life, I had my heart set on performing on Broadway. Life took me in a different direction (Into the Woods! ha), but music still holds a place in my heart. 
  3. I spent a few months studying ecotourism and sustainability in Costa Rica. While doing forest measurements (in the rain forest, where trees are poky and scary things abound), an eyelash pit viper fell out of a tree and landed next to my foot. I survived, but I’m still bummed that I didn’t get extra credit. 

Euuugh! I hate snakes. HATE. 

*looks over shoulder*

They can, like, hear you, you know.

I don’t think there are any snakes here, Jynx. Not on the boat. Although that does sound like an interesting premise for a story, doesn't it?


Can we please not talk about this? I'm gonna be sick.

Oh? Oh! I'm so sorry. It's part of being a writer, I think. Always asking those 'what if' questions ... 

Just don't ask them around me, 'kay?

Sorry, Jynx. Won't happen again.

*looks for snakes*

*long silence*

Erm. Is the interview over?

It is now!

Right. Should have known. Well, thank you for the interview, Jynx. And again - sorry about the snake thing. I am ridiculously excited to be a part of YA Buccaneers. This is such a fun group, and you’re going to love what we have to share with you. Thanks for joining us!

Great. Whatever.

*still looking for snakes*

Jynx out.

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