Meet: Curly McGee

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Gandalf the Great White here and would you looky what I’ve found swimmin’ around in my ocean? It’s the wonderfully lovely, Ghenet Myrthil, but you all may know her better as Curly McGee!

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Ghenet grew up in the suburbs just north of New York City, and now lives with her husband on the Connecticut shoreline. She’s always had a passion for storytelling, so it was an easy decision to pursue a writing career. After studying English in college, she started working in her dream industry—book publishing. She also got an MFA in Writing for Children from The New School. These days, she feels super lucky to be surrounded by books all day, and doing what she loves—writing contemporary young adult fiction—on the side. She is currently seeking representation for her first manuscript and busy writing her second.

So Ghenet, eh? You know, that pretty much rhymes with beignet, right? Oh…you don’t know what a beignet is? Only the most awesome pillowy doughnut treat the French have ever concocted and it’s preferably served with a side duo of warm caramel and chocolate sauces. In fact, I’d like a Ghenet…er, I mean beignet right now.
Eh-em, so, Curly McGee? That’s an interesting pirate name you’ve chosen - like to share how you came up with that?

I chose the first part of my pirate name—Curly—because my curly locks are my favorite feature. As for McGee, I thought Curly McGee had a nice ring to it! Plus, McGee contains my two initials—G.M.

While I love these curly locks of yours, they only enhance my most favorite feature of yours: YOU! And my, what a clever little Lady to come up with such a perfect name, aren’t ye? Then I suppose you’ll have no trouble coming up with one word to describe yerself?


Passionate? Huh, guess I was hoping for something more pirate-y, like ferocious or unruly, but alas, I guess this is your interview, so passionate it be. So tell me, your pirate ship has come under attack and you’re forced to abandon ship. What books might you be most passionate about taking overboard with you?

I absolutely love contemporary YA, especially character-based stories with at least a little romance. There are too many wonderful books to name, but I’ll say I’m a big fan of Stephanie Perkins, Jandy Nelson, Rainbow Rowell, Sara Zarr, and Sarah Ockler.

Aaahhhh, you’ve named some fine Lassies there, you have. I’ve met Sarah Ockler before and I have to agree – she’s mighty fine indeed. Fast swimmer, too. So let’s say you make it to the shore of a deserted island with all of your books, and of all the things in the world – eh-em, beignets, of course - you could have 3 things delivered to you, what would you ask for?

My laptop with unlimited battery life and Wi-Fi (because, obviously), lotion, and chap stick (because I’d DIE OF DISCOMFORT without either!)

Huh. Nothing to eat? Have I not shared how impossibly light and airy these delectable little puffs of goodness really are? Chap stick, schmap-stick. Beignets, Curly McGee, beignets. But, I digress…
So, you’re on this deserted island – with NOTHING to eat, I might add – and you’ve got your laptop with unlimited battery and Wi-Fi (yeah, okay!) and it’s your turn to post on the YA Buccaneers. Which bucket on the site are you most excited about, and why?

Truth or Dare! Because it sounds fun and I didn’t play it nearly enough as a teen.

I’ve got a dare for you! Always pick the food, Ghenet. Always. Pick. The. Food. Man, what’s a Great White gotta do around here? Don’t you know we’re always hungry? I have a feeling this may be a lost cause. But in the meantime, why don’t you share one fun fact so I can get my mind off the hollow sound pinging from my empty gut?

I danced on stage at Disney World! I took tap dance classes in middle and high school, and when I was in the 11th grade, my dance studio took us to Disney World to perform. My class tap-danced to N’Sync’s song, “Just Got Paid” on stage in Tomorrowland, and it was awesome.

Huh. I think I may have absolutely nothing to say to that…oh, who am I kidding, of course I do! N’Sync? Really? That JT is one fine looking specimen and man can he dance. Yanno, I’ve seen him in concert, and I'm not afraid to admit that. And look! You both have curly hair, too!
So aside from something from N’Sync – because, well, they’re totally awesome – what would your own personal theme song be?

“Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical, RENT. I was obsessed with that show in high school and the music brings back so many happy memories. “Measure your life in lo-ooove!”

Broadway. Oh, a shark can only dream about singing on stage and waving his fins about. Wait. Too much information? Nah, I can embrace my inner Sharkness, because RENT is an awesome choice! And I think if I could choose, it would have to be Defying Gravity from the a-mazing Broadway hit, WICKED. Because, I myself, actually defy gravity…you know, since I live in the ocean. And I swim. Get it? No? Oh well…so any last words before we wrap this up?

I couldn’t be more excited to be joining this amazing crew. It’s going to be a fun ride!

I think I couldn’t agree more! Curly McGee, thanks for swimmin’ with me, in the deep blue sea – hey, would you look at all that rhyming? Broadway, here I come!

And for even more information, check out Ghenet’s (still rhymes with beignets) bio on our crew page to connect with her on her personal website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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Until next time, this is Gandalf the Great White, swimming around this big ‘ole ocean, searching for a beignet. With a side duo of warm caramel and chocolate sauces. Why do I DO this to myself?