August: Giveaway Winner & Monthly Recap!


Thanks for making August so awesome! Not only do we love your comments, tweets, and likes, but we also LOVE your blog posts! We decided to round up links to your posts, to help spread the love:

Reading Mutiny book reviews:

Salty McScurvy picked some outstanding books for this month's Reading Mutiny -- and over eight individuals signed up for the challenge! 

These writers Walked the Plank this month:

Truth and Dare - Our August Daredevils:

  • Dread Pirate B. took Kris's dare by the horns and will launch her own Etsy shop this Friday, 8/30 - stop on by to check it out! 
  • Sarah Chafin has challenged herself to write some poetry! 
  • Guppy Guts Skullcracker is going to reveal her secret writer identity to at least ONE person in her everyday life!  Did she do it? Inquiring minds wanna know!
  • Jennifer Pickrell took on the challenge of teaching herself how to juggle - how AWESOME is that???? 

Writers who rocked the #YABWordSprints (and yes, negative numbers totally count):

Be sure to check out the above and show your support for these brave writers! If I missed someone, let us know in the comments - and don't forget to join us again next week to get your write on!

And now on to our giveaway!

The winner of our August Giveaway is:

Patrice Caldwell

Congratulations, Patrice! You've won your book of choice from our Treasure Chest. Expect an email from us shortly with the details.