Weigh Anchor! Sprints o' the Words be Wednesday and Thursday!


Ahoy, mateys! It be a week most excellent here at YA Buccaneers. As ye know, Thursday be International Talk Like a Pirate Day and all the YAB beauties invite ye to join in the fun!

Brandish yer mightiest sword -- errrrr, quill -- and double yer pleasure with not one but two Sprints o' the Words on Twitter.


Board the Word Sprint Schooner

TONIGHT - Wednesday, September 18 - at 8 pm EDT

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Thursday, September 19 - at 9 pm EDT


Ye won't be sorry,  ye writerly rapscallions! The WIP booty that awaits ye at the end o' the sprint is priceless. Let the YA Buccaneers inspirrrre ye!

Avast! Be sure to mention @YABuccaneers and use the hashtag #YABWordSprint!

There be prizes to be had, ye scribblin' scallywags, so check back on the morrow for all the details!