Talk Like A Pirate Twitter Contest Winners


Thanks to all who participated in our Talk Like A Pirate Twitter Contest! Each and every #YABpiratetalk tweet made the day that much more awesome. If you missed it, check out this month's newsletter for a round up of the tweets.

And the winners are ...

Tracey Neithercott

"When I was a young pirate, I read ARRR! YOU THERE GOD, IT'S ME, MARRRGARET?"

Jennie King:

"Arg! First drafts should walk the plankkk."

Ellen Godlett:

"Scribble away when yer sloshed, but don't ye go editing that rubbish while yer on the grog! ~ Cap'n Hemingway" 

Jae Dansie:

"Ahoy! Don' let the query be givin' ya the Davies. Jus' smartly give a reckonin' of who it be n' what them be fightin' fer." 

Sarah Chafin:

"Me best piece of advice be to press on, payin nary a heed to the nay sayers. If ye've got a dream in yer heart, go for it." 

Congratulations to the winners! Our crew members will be emailing you shortly with your prize details. 

Did you miss Talk Like a Pirate Day? Not t' worry me hearties, share yer best writing advice, or words o' congratulations fer th' winners in th' comments (IF YE DARRRRE)!