Creepy Reads from the Ghost Ship: October Reading Mutiny

One weekend when I was in college, I dog and house-sat for my parents while they were out of town. My mom - being the awesome, amazing person that she is - gifted me with a huge Stephen King tome before leaving. The good thing? The the book sucked me in from the very first page. The bad thing? It was a scary book. Like - keep the lights on, close all the blinds, barricade the doors-scary, and I was all alone in a big, creaky house.

I don't think I slept at all that weekend. It was in the middle of winter, in Cleveland, and our dog had a pea-sized bladder, so I was out in our backyard all throughout the dark, cold, lonely night, shivering and jumping every time a branch snapped. I nearly hyperventilated a few times, and I most certainly hurried our dog along more than she would have liked.

After that weekend, I made a pact of myself to not read scary books while house sitting ALONE. But I still love reading a really good scary story. I love it when a book - any book - can suspend reality, even if it means I'm too scared to turn out the lights. :)

For this month's Reading Mutiny, I tried to pick a variety of "scary" books that fit our October theme of Ghost Ship, from keep-the-lights-on creepy (BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE and POSSESS), to intense and disturbing (CARRIE and FAHRENHEIT 451), and poetically chilling (THE NEAR WITCH and TEXAS GOTHIC). I hope you enjoy at least a couple of these books, they are some of my favorites!


The Reading Mutiny Challenge is our community-wide reading challenge. Join the fun! 


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