Truth and Dare: Find Meaning in the Meaningless


In Truth and Dare  posts we share a true story, then a dare for our readers. If you take the dare, share your experience in the comments to be entered in this month's giveaway.


I sit on the floor in the hallway outside of the audition room, quietly humming my song selection--"Defying Gravity" from Wicked. Across from me are kids I've watched perform in plays and musicals for the past three years. By their easy banter, I can tell they are good friends, and aren't too nervous about this audition. These are the theater kids, and I am an outsider.

I take a deep breath and remind myself why I'm doing this. 

The door beside me opens and a girl sticks her head out. "We're ready for you." 

I stand up, take another deep breath, and walk in. 

It was my senior year of college and on a whim, I was auditioning for a part in the musical Hair. I'd always loved musical theater--in high school I even thought I wanted to be on Broadway--but when I got to college, I realized acting wasn't my passion. I performed in one musical freshman year, but then moved on to other activities, thinking I was done with the theater.

Cut to senior year. When a girl in my literature class announced that she was directing Hair and encouraged anyone interested to audition, my ears perked up. I was done with plays, but this was my senior yearmy last chance to perform. So I decided to audition. 

And I got a part! I played a hippie in the ensemble and it became one of my most memorable college experiences.

Recently, I read an article that perfectly articulates why performing in Hair was so important to me. The article's author talks about the power of "meaningless" activities. Here's how he explains it:

The power of the meaningless is found in exploring something you’re interested in, something you like, something that excites you, but without the pressure of having to make that thing your career or become a master of it or get approval.
A shot of the cast. Can you spot me?

A shot of the cast. Can you spot me?

My senior year of college was somewhat stressful, especially when I had to think about what I was going to do after I graduated. Hair was my chance to let go of those thoughts and enjoy myself. It was my chance to return to something I still loved, musical theater, but without the pressure to become a master at it. I danced around stage and sang awesome songs and bonded with the cast, and it was a blast.

Hair was one of many activities I did just for fun while in college. But since becoming an adult and joining the "real world," I've noticed I haven't had time to do many "meaningless" activities. I'm too busy fulfilling life obligations and pursuing career goals. This article reminded me that I need to make time to find simple joys in life.

Which brings me to this month's dare... 


First, read the article. It's not long, but it's very inspiring. Then, I dare you to think of a "meaningless" activity of your own to tackle this month. Pick something you've always wanted to try, but not something you're currently pursing as a career. (So, if you're an aspiring author, don't pick writing!) Maybe you've always wanted to take a yoga class, or learn photography, or try a recipe. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, as long as it sounds fun to you. It also doesn't matter if you fail at whatever you choose. Don't think about success or failure. The point is to have fun and play.

Embrace this month's theme and go on a new voyage. 

And then tell us all about it.


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