Walk The Plank: Adventures in Space!


Walk the Plank is our monthly Flash Fiction writing challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story in 200 words (title not included), based around our monthly prompt. Since we're all celebrating the release of THE LOST PLANET by our matey Rachel Searles (alias Brunhilde) this month, our January Walk the Plank theme is:

Adventures in Space!

That's right. We're taking our pirating to the final frontier! If you're up to the challenge, write us a swarthy flash fiction story of 200 words or fewer based around that theme.

Feeling extra ambitious? Start your tale with the following phrase:

"I never thought I'd see"*

If you scoff at that simple challenge, make it a bit harder by using that opening line, and ending your story with:

"Hopefully it's not too late!"*

To prove yourself the ultimate flash fiction marksman, include both those phrases, and make your final story EXACTLY 200 words! Good luck!

Don't forget to post your Flash Fiction submission on your blog then come back and share a link to your submission in the comments below!

Note, for each challenge you hit, you'll be awarded more entries in our monthly drawing! Please see Walk The Plank for all of the official rules. And don't forget to fill out the Rafflecopter form below when you've completed your Flash Fiction story!


When you share your Flash Fiction on Twitter, use the hashtag #YABWalkThePlank and mention @yabuccaneers to interact with our online community!

So, are YOU ready to Walk The Plank?

* These words count toward your 200-word limit.