In case you haven't heard, crew member Brunhilde the Black-Hearted (Rachel Searles) has a book coming out on January 28th. It's an upper middle-grade novel called THE LOST PLANET, about a boy who wakes up on planet Trucon with no memory and a blaster wound to the back of his head. (Oooooh) There's adventure. There's space. And there's an ultrastrong android named Mina. Want to read it? Lucky for you, we're giving away FIVE copies at the end of the month. The drawing is based on participation on the site, so the more you participate in things like our Reading Mutiny and Word Sprints, the more entries you can earn.

To help increase your chances of winning a copy of THE LOST PLANET, we're hosting a blog hop! Participants in the blog hop will be entered in a giveaway that is separate from our monthly giveaway, and the winner will get a signed copy of THE LOST PLANET plus TLP swag.  Pretty awesome, right?


Here's what you need to know:

How does THE LOST PLANET blog hop work?

We share a blog post prompt on and you post your response on your blog (with the above image) and link to your blog post in the Rafflecopter form (below). You must respond to at least one blog prompt to enter (there will be three) and you must link to your blog post for your entry to be valid. Also be sure to link back to this post somewhere in your response post. After we check your response, we'll link to your blog.

When is it?

The prompts will be posted on the next three Wednesdays: January 8th, 15th, and 22nd. The giveaway closes on January 29th at 12:00 am, so you MUST link to your blog posts both in the comments on the blog hop posts AND in the Rafflecopter form by then.

How do I win?

You earn one entry for each blog post prompt you respond to, plus you can earn entries every day by tweeting about the blog hop. The winner* will be chosen at random (Rafflecopter uses

*Please note: Due to the cost of shipping, you must live in the US to enter.

What can I win?

The winner will receive a signed copy of THE LOST PLANET by Rachel Searles, plus swag (bookmark, etc.).

Let's get started! Here's the first prompt:

What was your favorite space-related book or movie (ex: Star Wars, Star Trek, ENDER'S GAME) when you were little? Please share either a related memory or the reason why it was your favorite.

I'll break the ice by sharing my response:

I loved watching the Star Wars movies when I was little. They were definitely my favorite! I have a crystal clear memory of seeing the first movie. I was five years old, and friends of our family brought their VCR to our house and set up a screening in our basement for the kids. This was before we owned a VCR, and getting to watch a movie was such a big deal! We gathered around the T.V. and I was blown away by everything - the robots, the aliens, and SPACE. From the first moment I saw that HUGE spaceship in the opening scene, I was in love. Speaking of love ... that night, I wrote in my diary that one day I would to marry Luke Skywalker. (Go ahead and laugh.) :) 

Now it's your turn! Respond to the prompt on your blog, then share the link so we can check it out. We'll post your links here so that everyone can visit your site. I can't wait to read all of your responses!