December Plankage

It’s the last month of the year, and we know everyone is busy with holiday plans, parties, working on NaNo edits, and organizing everything you need to do in 2015. But we’re hoping you’ll have time for one last Walk the Plank with the YA Buccaneers! It’ll be fun, and a bit of a challenge, so get out the egg nog and candy canes and fire up that word program. We’re going to make this fun!


If you’ve never joined us for Walk the Plank before, here’s what it’s all about. Use the following prompt to write a short piece of flash fiction. Be as daring as you like, try a new writing style, or use a favorite character—just get those words down! Try to keep your piece 200 words or less, using the following opening line:

                                  “It was a great year, but I wish I’d………..”


If you are really up for a challenge, make sure you use the opening line in your piece. And if you make your entry exactly 200 words, you’re a genius! What’s the incentive? Prizes, of course!

Share your flash fiction story or excerpt either in the comments on this post or on your blog, and use the Rafflecopter form to earn giveaway entries for your efforts.  Please see our Walk The Plank page for the official rules.


When you share your Flash Fiction on Twitter, use the hashtag #YABWalkThePlank and mention @yabuccaneers to interact with our online community! You can also grab our badge for your website!

Have fun! Let's see how many of you will join us on the plank!