What our crew members are working on this month


Starting this month, we'll be sharing a monthly update in the form of the Buccaneers Sentinel, where each of our crew members with something to share will give a brief description of what they're working on at the moment.

This is a great opportunity for you to share what you're up to as well, and we encourage you to give us your update in the comments!

Lady Byrd Bonebreaker (Sara Biren):

I signed with Steven Chudney of The Chudney Agency and completed revisions in early January. I am now back to work on KEYS, a young adult novel set in Florida during spring break, in which a former-hockey playing metalhead must come to terms with drastic changes in her family and her feelings for one of her brother's best friends.

Shiver Me Timbers (Caroline T. Richmond):

I just finished up my first pass pages for my YA alternate history novel ANOMALY. I'm excited to see some cover comps (hopefully soon!) and to share the new title (hopefully soon as well!). Now, I'm working on my YA World War II spy thriller Think GRAVE MERCY in Occupied France! 

Back from the Dead Red (Ellen Goodlett):

I finished agent rewrites on my YA thriller THE QUIET ONES, a murder mystery set in Seattle involving Hawaiian myths. Now I'm working on editorial revisions of my YA gender-bendy sci-fi novel STRAY, about a gondolier who finds the mayor's dead body in their boat and has to go on the run from mobsters and the police.

Bonny Kitty Cutlass (Kathryn Holmes):

My book, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND, is in copyedit at HarperCollins, so I have been hard at work on the first draft of the book I hope will be next: a YA contemporary about a teen ballet dancer struggling with body image issues with the working title EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL.

Guppy Guts Skullcracker (Heidi Sinnett):

I'm on submission with HANDFUL OF DUST, a YA contemporary, and I'm currently working on revisions for a new YA contemporary called I ONCE WAS LOST, about a blind teen who gets his sight back....but doesn't tell anyone. After that, major revisions for a previous YA ecotopian are in the works, and lots of finger crossing, of course. :-)

Brunhilde  the Black-Hearted (Rachel Searles):

I'm excited to back into writing after taking some time off for promotional stuff, particularly into the revisions for the sequel to THE LOST PLANET, title TBA! I'm also working on plotting out the third book in the series. 

Curly McGee (G. Myrthil):

I'm working on a new contemporary YA manuscript tentatively titled SENIOR SUMMER. (I'd tell you what it's about but I'm keeping it quiet for now!) It's still in the early stages, so I'm doing a mix of outlining and drafting. This month, I hope to get lots of words written with the help of #WriterRecharge. :)

Neptune (Kelly Loy Gilbert):

I finished the first round of editorial revisions for CITY ON A HILL, about
a high school baseball phenom whose celebrity father has been accused of
murdering a police officer, and now am on the hunt for a new title. And
I'm at work on a new contemporary YA called NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY, whose
story is slowly unfolding in my mind and on the page.

Captain E. Hook (Erin L. Schneider):

I'm almost to the tail end on my final agent revisions for WHERE THE WATER FALLS (two chapters left to go!), my YA Contemporary -- which will first go out to all of my CP's, before it finds it's way to Lisa. I've managed to add over 9,000 words (my goal was a minimum of 5k) and I'm really happy with where things have landed so far. Fingers crossed Lisa likes all of the changes I've made, because then we go on submission and the real nail biting begins!

Dread Pirate B. (Me!)

I'm in the midst of revising the MG fantasy project I wrote during NaNoWriMo this year. It's such a fun project and I'm loving working on it. Lucky for me, Sara started the Writer Recharge for February, so I have some extra writing motivation to help me stay focused!

How about you? Are you working on revisions, or a new project? Or ... ? We'd love to hear what you're up to!


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