And BINGO was his...

It's been a great first week for Bootcampers! We've announced the teams, we've had Twitter parties, and we've bought up entire sticker collections at Dollarama. But just to add a bit more excitment to the #YABbootcamp Spring Writing Challenge, we're adding YAB Bootcamp Bingo!

Since a lot of teams are using the calendar/sticker combination to keep track of all they've accomplished, we thought adding in a fun way to show your progress would keep us all motivated. And so Bootcamp Bingo was born!

Download the card, print off a whole bunch, and then use your stickers to mark the spaces. Here's the really fun part: as soon as you complete a line, you get to shout BINGO on Twitter (please include a photo, if you can). We'd love to hear your #YABbootcamp BINGO as often as possible.  If you don't complete a line this week, try for next week. It's all about fun!

Of course, you've probably noticed there is no FREE space. It's BOOTCAMP, people! You don't get any freebies at Bootcamp! But that's okay, because we know you can do it. We believe in you. We believe in the Bingo. We believe in puffy Star Wars stickers. Show us YOU believe in #YABbootcamp!