Run, Jog, Walk, Whatever Works: This Week's Word Sprints

This week we've got THREE Word Sprints for all you bootcampers and non-bootcampers.

TODAY, Tuesday, March 18th at 4 pm EDT with Bonny Kitty Cutlass

LUNCH BREAK WITH THE BUCCANEERS - Wednesday, March 19th AT 12 pm EDT with Back from the Dead Red.

Thursday, March 20th at 10 pm EDT with me, Lady Byrd Bonebreaker. I'm calling this sprint my Divergent warm-up, as I'll be heading to the theatre immediately following!

Get your teams together and write with us! You don't have to write like crazy to get in a high word count (although that is pretty fun). Write at your own pace. Revise. Take a hatchet to it. Deletedeletedelete. No matter what, it's all forward motion, and that's what counts. We'll help you to keep moving forward, to keep moving toward your goals.

For details on how our Word Sprints work, check out this post. And don't forget to record your participation to win!

Happy Writing!