Word Sprints Ahoy!

It's almost the end of our first month of Bootcamp (I know, I can't believe it either!), and I for one don't want to lose any momentum. If you're in the same boat, why not jump in on one of our word sprints this week? We'll be sprinting: 

  • Today, March 25, at 4pm EDT (with me, Bonny Kitty Cutlass) 
  • Thursday, March 27, at 10pm EDT (with Lady Byrd Bonebreaker) 

We'll spend an hour writing and/or revising together. Get your whole team involved, or sprint solo. Aim for a high word count, or fine-tune that scene that's been giving you trouble. As long as you're making progress toward your goals, you're doing it right! 

Go HERE to get a refresher on how word sprints work. And don't forget to comment on this post to earn an entry for our awesome giveaways this month! I can't wait to write with all of you.