Our posts on drafting and revising

Although this is our first Spring Writing Bootcamp, we've already written a few posts with our best drafting and revising advice. Read on for three great posts on writing and revising: 


The Pirate Plan

In November, Guppy Guts Skullcracker (Heidi Sinnett) shared The Pirate Plan for surviving NaNoWriMo, five pieces of priceless advice covering everything from plotting to preparing your family.

The Pirate’s Plan isn’t foolproof, but if you prepare for the next few weeks, you won’t be caught off guard on Day #2 and give up altogether.

Each crew member shared their best NaNoWriMo advice on their own blogs, and the blog hop starts at the end of The Pirate Plan. So really, this one post offers a whole wealth of plotting and drafting advice from our crew.

First Drafts

Brunhilde the Black-Hearted (Rachel Searles) shares five things she's learned about first drafts.

For the past many months I’ve been hard at work on my second book, the sequel to THE LOST PLANET, and while writing a sequel has its own unique set of challenges, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced is that it’s been about four years since I wrote a first draft of a novel. And it turns out that the second time is just as hard as the first!

As I’ve worked on this new book, I’ve been studying my own methods and paying attention to the things that work best for me while writing a first draft.

It's a great post for those who are either drafting for the very first time, or drafting for the first time in a long time. I especially love this piece of advice, "The sh&!*tty first draft is always, always your friend." Ha.


Navigating Your Novel

Neptune (Kelly Loy Gilbert) shared her Navigating Your Novel post, which is a gem for those working on revisions. In the post, she talks about the challenge of delving into your many-paged tome without becoming overwhelmed, and offers nine strategies to help you stay organized.

A novel is physically (digitally?) a ton of material. You just wrote the manuscript a few months ago, but, well, that’s a lot of words, and already you’d be surprised how much you just don’t remember or can’t find. It’s a challenge when you’re writing, but even more so when you come back to a manuscript later on.

I love this post. I bookmarked it when I was drafting, and keep returning to it now that I'm revising.

A little bit of everything

Online Writing Resources

Just last month, Back from the Dead Red (Ellen Goodlett) shared an amazing round up on online resources for writers. She covers everything from outlining and plotting to drafting and revising. 

I've been sailing the Digital Ocean for years now and compiling a map of my favorite hotspots along the way. I've separated them out by steps in the writing process, so you can see my favorite resources for when you're just starting an outline, through writing your first draft, and up to the dreaded editing stages.

This is another great post to bookmark!

Whether you're drafting or revising (or both!) during the Spring Writing Bootcamp, we've got your back.

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