Join the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp


It's here, it's here! Spring is here! 

(Okay, so technically, it might still be freezing cold and snowing/raining/slaining where you live, but bear with me.)

To start off the season of fresh starts and growth, we're hosting a Spring Writing Bootcamp!

What is the Spring Writing Bootcamp?

For the next three months, we're challenging you to set writing goals and stick to them. To help you out, we're putting together accountability teams, inspiring and informative blog posts on writing and revising, annnnnd PRIZES to help keep you motivated! (Read on for more about that last part.)

When is it?

The Spring Writing Bootcamp starts today, March 3rd, 2014 and will run until May 31st, 2014.


Just like with a real bootcamp, we're not going to throw you into the pool to sink or swim. During March, we'll warm up with posts on starting new writing projects and revising old projects. This is also when we'll form accountability teams and get our goals squared away - we want you ready for action in April!

Once you're warm, we'll have a frenzy of Word Sprints in April to help you rock Camp NaNoWriMo and WRITE ALL THE WORDS. Whether you're drafting or revising, we'll be there to cheer you on and keep you company.

We'll recover with you in May, with posts covering our best advice on what comes after you hit "The End" of your project. From query letters to critiques - we've got you covered.

What's an accountability team?

If you're brave enough to make some serious writing goals, then we want to see you reach them. To help keep everyone motivated, we're going to form teams of two to five writers (including a YA Buccaneers crew member). The purpose of the teams is to help hold each other accountable through positive encouragement. We'll put you in a group based on what you're working on during the challenge (drafting, revision, or a little of both), and you can check in with your team as much or as little as you like.

We'll be using the honor system (we won't check up on you), but here's what we'd love to see you do for your fellow team members:

  • Comment on their Spring Writing Bootcamp blog posts
  • Connect with them on Twitter
  • Make virtual writing dates
  • Send an encouraging email or two

These are just suggestions. Mostly, we hope you'll be the team member you'd love to have on your own team. :)

We'll have something special for the most active team, so even if the good karma isn't an incentive for you, then we've got you covered.

(P.S. Joining an accountability team is optional - just let us know in the comments if you're interested.)

Okay, it sounds amazing. How do I participate?

Start by answering the questions at the bottom of this post, and share your goals for the bootcamp on your blog. We'll have weekly check-ins on Mondays, where you can link to your blog post with your goal status. You can also grab the Spring Writing Bootcamp badge and stick it on your blog's sidebar or in your goal update blog posts. Just remember to link back to this post.

On Twitter, use #YABbootcamp to connect with other participants, find writing buddies (and start Word Sprints!), or to share your Spring Writing Bootcamp-related blog posts. We'll use this hashtag to connect with you, so be sure to add it to your tweets!


Did someone say prizes?

Throughout the writing challenge, we'll have new prizes every month. Here's what's up for grabs in March:


Prize Pack #2: 

  • Ebook copy of COUNTING TO D by Kate Scott
  • Ebook copy of WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP? by Ella Martin (we'll share more on Ella's book later this month)

How do I earn giveaway entries?

  1. Share your goals for the first month of the Spring Writing Bootcamp (or for the entire bootcamp) on your blog this week, then use this linky and our Rafflectopter form (below) to earn your entries.
  2. Starting next Monday, share your status in a blog post. (What did you do to work towards your goal this week? How is it going? What have you accomplished?) Each Monday, we'll have a new linky for you to use and the Rafflecopter form to earn your entries.
  3. You can also earn entries by following our social media accounts, plus those of our giveaway authors, Kate Scott and Ella Martin (see the Rafflecopter form below for details). 

Start today! Earn your first giveaway entries by commenting on this blog post with answers to the following: 

  1. Will you be participating in our Spring Writing Bootcamp? 
  2. If yes, what will you be working on: drafting, revisions, or both? Feel free to share a little about your project, too. :)
  3. If you're joining us, would you like to join an accountability team?

Remember: Use THIS LINKY to share the blog post with your Spring Writing Bootcamp goals!

Be sure to use the Rafflecopter form to earn your entries! We'll announce the first teams on Friday, March 7th, so comment by Thursday, March 6th Saturday, March 9th if you'd like to be assigned to a team. The first teams will be announced Monday, March 10th.

We will continue to create groups throughout the challenge. If you miss the first round of teams, don't worry! You can sign up at any time - all the way up to the last week of May. 

We hope you'll join us! We can't wait to hear about what you're working on, and to cheer you on as you crush your writing goals!


P.S. The linky looks a little wonky. See the image below - it might help. If it doesn't, email us your blog link and we'll list it in this post. Thanks!