Spring Writing Bootcamp Teams


Thanks to everyone who requested to join an accountability team for our Spring Writing Bootcamp! We had over 60 people sign up (um. wow.) and our crew is super-excited to do this challenge with you!

Your first task as a team is to choose your team name. One of our crew members came up with the idea of naming our teams after mountain peaks, to signify our epic bootcamp (three months of writing goals FTW!). If your team would like to go that route, here's a list of fierce-sounding mountains. Any name you guys come up with is fine with us, just let us know the name you pick in the comments!

See below to find out which team you've been assigned (note: YA Buccaneers crew member names are bold):

Team 1: Team Defiance

Team 2: Team Rainier

Team 3: Team Vesuvius

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6: Team Tinkers

Team 7: Team Denali (The Great Ones)

Team 8

Team 9: Team Kangchenjunga (Team Kang)

If you have any questions or concerns (or if you don't see your name on the list!), just send us an email. Remember: the most active teams will earn a prize at the end of the challenge ... Not that you needed the incentive to cheer on your fellow bootcampers, though. Riiiight? ;)