Walk the Plank : Lucky Number Three!

It's the last few weeks of our Spring Writing Bootcamp, and many of you have taken the Walk the Plank challenge already. But for those of you who might have been holding back, we want to offer you one last Bootcamp chance at the Plank. It's not as scary as you might think, and the water isn't really that deep, we promise!

All you have to do is post 250 words from your Bootcamp WIP. That's it! No one will laugh. No one will challenge you to a dual. No one will feed you to the sharks. In fact, we're hoping you'll find it sort of FUN! Yes, fun.


Before the month is up, post 250 words here, to your blog, Tumblr, or wherever else you choose. It doesn't have to be your opening page. It might even be your last page. Post anything you'd like some feedback on! Then, let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #YABbootcamp and mention the @yabuccaneers. Don't forget to include your Bootcamp team name so that your fabulous team gets some extra credit!