Time for your Spring Writing Bootcamp Monday Check-in (#12)

There are two more weeks of our Spring Writing Bootcamp. Two! Whether you just joined us this week, or you've been with us since March, we're so happy you've joined our bootcamp. You guys are amazing! 

Seriously. Check out some of the awesomeness we've been seeing on Twitter:

Remember to use #YABbootcamp so we can find your posts. We love seeing them and would hate to miss something! Also, if you have a special accomplishment to share, use #YABbootcampWIN.

Speaking of winning, if you're worried about what makes a YA Bootcamp WIN, then you need to read this:

Well said, Jas Ketch! :) A win is whatever feels like a win for you. If it means you updated your blog, signed on to Twitter for the first time in weeks, wrote 15K, or revised one chapter in a mere three months - we're going to cheer for you and send you some cyber high-fives. Promise. 

But you're here to check in, right? By now, you know what to do. Either share a link to your goal progress blog post, or -- if you're short on time -- share your update right in the comments. 

We'd love to know how you did last week, and what's up next for you this week! If you're looking for what to write in your blog post, here are a few questions you could start with: 

  • What did you do last week to work towards your goals?
  • How do you feel about your progress?
  • Any changes you'll be making this week?
  • What are you excited to work on this week?

Thanks for participating! 

P.S. Remember to log your check-ins for giveaway entries!! We have SEVEN critique prizes up for grabs for this month's winners. Enter here!

P.P. S. Both this week and next, we'll be sharing interviews and posts from those with insight into the wild world of publishing. Plus, we have a few bonus giveaways for you, so be sure to check back!