Mayday! Mayday!

All right, Bootcampers! The last few months have been tough. You've plotted and revised. You've sprinted and shed tears. You've worn the letters smooth on your keyboard. And you know what? It's not flippin' over yet!

Okay. No need to panic. We're sending in the rescue team! May is all about finishing up those goals you made back when the idea of a Spring Writing Bootcamp seemed fun. (Remember fun?) And we want you to make it, we really do. So we've devised a Bootcamp Bingo card for the month of May that is all about accomplishing things.

Look how springy it is! See all the fun squares this time? You can DO this, Bootcampers! We're expecting the Twitterverse to be inundated with people shouting BINGO this month! So, come on. Make us happy. Make yourselves happy. Sail through the month of May and we'll meet you at the docks on June 1st!