Interview with author Jinsey Reese & win a copy of ANYWHERE!

Today I’m thrilled to be interviewing Jinsey Reese and talking about her fantastic contemporary romance,  ANYWHERE. 

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

Skye Whitcomb is running from her troubles, and where better to run than Europe? Fresh out of college, she makes quick plans with her best friend Paige and hops on a plane.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned—at least not for her. First, Paige has to bail, and Skye’s left to travel alone. Then she meets sweet and sexy Asher Benedict in Paris, and sparks fly after a night together on the train to Rome. He’s all kinds of perfect for her, but the timing couldn’t be worse since she was running from the altar when she left—so the last thing she wants right now is a relationship.

But Skye’s about to discover that no matter how far you run, love can find you anywhere.

Before we dive into questions, here’s a little more about Jinsey Reese:

Jinsey Reese writes sometimes hot, sometimes sweet, but always steamy contemporary romance about twentysomethings. She loves to put her characters into embarrassing or impossible situations and see what happens. She has a deep undying love for Johnny Depp, chocolate-mint everything, and lavender roses.

I’ve read a few of your other titles, but I have to say ANYWHERE is my new favorite so far.  I mean backpacking through Europe, hooking up with hot guys on trains, what’s not to love?!  What would you say was your favorite thing about writing ANYWHERE? Was it the research? All the practice kissing for mooore research? (Wait don’t answer that?) *grin*

I’d gotten the idea for a backpacking story and was so freaking excited to write it. I had a list of scenes I wanted to happen, pulled out a map and created an itinerary for Skye to follow, then came up with what would happen where. The book almost wrote itself because of that, and I wrote the first draft in about two months (truly only about 4 weeks of actual writing, which was wicked fast for me). I fell so hard in love with this book, that it was an incredible pleasure to write. So I think I pretty much loved it all. :-)

ANYWHERE really gave me the travel bug. It’s a great book for anyone with a chronic case of Wanderlust.  I love all the amazing places that your main characters traveled together. Have you visited these places in real life?

I’ve been to some of the places, but not all. (I lived in Germany for three years when I was a kid, and was blessed to be able to travel to so many different countries while I was there.) I was definitely drawing on memory as well as capitalizing on the magic of the internet to give me maps, photos, and a feel for these places. While the love story is the focus of the book, I also wanted to give readers a feel for the cities Skye and Asher visited. And, thanks to all my research, there are now several places I’m dying to go. The Dune of Pilat on the Atlantic coast of France most of all.

I loved the Quests that Skye and Asher set for themselves in the book.  What was your favorite Quest and do you have quests like that when you travel?

I’ve never done quests personally—the idea had never struck me. That was just something that came out in the writing—no idea where it came from but I loved it the moment it happened. (A friend of mine who read the book told me she and her husband used to have quests like this…and I love that so, so much!) I’d totally do quests now. :-) I think my favorite quest was for the tackiest souvenir…and those boxers they found really do exist.

I loved that some parts of ANYWHERE where laugh-out-loud funny. What is one of your favorite lines that you just couldn’t help laughing at as you were writing?

I totally love this exchange between Skye and Asher right after they’ve met, when he asks if he can sit next to her on the train to Rome. She says: “As long as you’re not a serial killer.” And Asher responds: “Oh, noooo. Not for a loooong time. The only New Year’s Resolution that’s ever stuck.”

I always wonder how much of themselves an author has put into their characters. Do you think there is a lot of “you” in Skye, or Asher for that matter? How are you similar and conversely how do you differ?

There’s me in all of my characters—there has to be since they all come from my brain. I’m like Skye in many ways. But she’s is braver than me. As much as I wish this weren’t true, I don’t think I would have had the cojones to travel through Europe alone. And Asher is a version of my ideal man, I guess, more than being like me (though we share similarities).

I found the budding romance between Skye and Asher to be very sweet but also grounded in reality. Did you have an important relationship in your twenties that influenced your writing in ANYWHERE?

My Asher is my husband. <3 Not that the start of our relationship was anything like Skye and Asher’s—it wasn’t. And while Asher and my husband share some qualities, Asher is not a fictionalized version of my husband, he’s an original creation from my imagination.

But I really wanted to write a sweet and steamy story that had a nice guy as the love interest, rather than a bad boy. Because nice guys are where it’s at, in my opinion. *grins* So, more than a specific guy or relationship influencing my writing, it was my desire to have the nice guy be irresistible for his sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, and respect rather than his rock-hard abs. I deliberately left out much physical description of Asher’s body for that reason. Because when we truly fall in love with someone, it’s not because they have a washboard stomach. It’s because of who they are.

 Are you planning a sequel set after their return home, or a companion novel with any of the characters we meet in ANYWHERE?

I’m planning a group of companion novels. The main character in the one I’ve been working on is Julia, one of the backpackers that Skye and Asher met and hung out with in Rome. And I’m so excited about her story, I can’t wait to get it done!

And if the answer to that last question is “yes” (your readers are crossing their collective fingers on that one)….when do you hope the next installment/ companion novel will launch?

Hopefully by the end of the year. I’ve actually taken a little break from it to put out a series of novellas I’ve been co-authoring with Victoria Green called the Untamed Series. These are hotter, faster, sexier, soapier books than Anywhere, and while they’ve been a blast to write, I’m really itching to get back to a sweeter, slower romance. So the series will be complete at the end of July, and I’ll get back to work on the companion to Anywhere at that point, which I’m really looking forward to.

Thanks so much Jinsey for talking with us today and sharing your thoughts on ANYWHERE. It was such a fun read and I highly recommend it to any of our readers currently suffering from a bad case of Wanderlust.

Thanks so much, Kris! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Anywhere, and I really appreciate you having me here today. <3


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