BEHIND THE SCENES blog hop, take two!

This week, we're taking you behind the scenes to show you where a few of our crew members write. See yesterday's post for more about the BEHIND THE SCENES blog hop, Dahlia Adler, and for a peek at Dread Pirate B.'s (that's me!) workspace.

Today, see where Jas Ketch, Siren of the Seychelles and Captain E. Hook write!

Jas Ketch, Siren of the Seychelles (Kris F. Oliver)

When Jas Ketch shared this photo of where she writes, I think a big old wave of jealousy swept through our crew.

Can you blame us? ;)

Just to prove she actually can write in her hammock, she shared this follow up photo:

Apparently, she's added a stump to her "hammock office" so that she has somewhere to put her mango colada smoothies. Who else wants to move in? 

Captain E. Hook (Erin L. Schneider)

From Erin:

I love being surrounded by books when I write. So much inspiration can be found just by looking up every now and then at some of my all-time favorite reads. And two absolute must haves when I'm writing: Haribo gummi bears and Anthropologie Boulangerie Whipped Cream & Pear scented candles
Writing Room.jpg

Now it's YOUR turn! Jas Ketch has mango smoothies, and Captain E. Hook has Haribo gummi bears ...

So what are the edible must haves in your office? 

Remember: If you Tweet a pic of where you write, you can earn BONUS entries for this month's giveaway! See this post for details.