It Happened in a Flash!

The Plank Walkers' Pool was a popular spot!

Since it’s our Anniversary month here at the YA Buccaneers, we’re looking back on the past year and reminiscing a little bit. The year has gone by so fast, I don’t think any of us has really had time to take it all in. But one of the fun things we managed to do was get people writing! And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Flash Fiction was one of the scariest and most challenging of things we added to our list early on. Would people participate?  Would we participate? While we’re all busy working on the bigger picture, we thought it might be fun to see what everyone could do in a short space, with very specific parameters.  And hey, why not throw in some entries to our monthly prizes while we’re at it?! (Like it wasn’t satisfying enough just to write something short and sweet!)

If you didn’t participate in any of our Flash Fiction Challenges this year, this is what it was all about. We picked a themed, wrote a starting line, and asked YOU, the writer, to pop out a short 200-word piece of fiction based on the idea.  To make it even  more difficult, you had to end with a specified sentence as well. Did you try it?  We know that you did!  Here are some of the fun facts about Flash Fiction this past year:


********Our very own Jas Ketch was the leader in Flash Ficiton, doing SEVEN of the challenges!  She wrote everything from adventure, to sci-fi, to ghosty fiction. This woman LOVES the freedom of not having to edit, and yet still getting to be creative. Watch her pen, ladies and gentleman, it’s just as mighty as her sword!

*********You might be surprised to learn that the second-ranked participant was not of the female persuasion. Our wonderful writer friend Colin participated in six of the challenges, and wrote witty, gritty and spitty (okay, we’re not sure if there was spitting involved) passages each time. He even became the sole participant two months in a row! Way to go, Colin!  We only wonder what happened to him in September. No New Voyage flash fiction that month.

*********Our most participated-in challenge occurred in July, the very first month YA Buccaneers went live. We had seven writers, and LOTS of excitement about doing it. Yes, it was scary, but we LOVED every single entry. The next time we had almost as many posts was in March of this year, the first month of our Spring Writing Bootcamp. It seems our Bootcampers were excited about sharing what they were working on!


Most of the original Buccaneers have participated at least once during the year, me included (I’ve done it 5 times).  And the others have pinkie-sworn, promised to throw their swords overboard, and give up their treasure maps if they don’t try it at least once during our second year of YAB.  We’re holding them to it. 

Dread Pirate B. admits it was SUPER hard to post something where anyone could read it! (Right?!) But she did it, and now feels like the feedback was worth it. Keep going, Bridgid!

Lady Byrd Bonebreaker participated in the Halloween challenge, and loved the creativity of being able to write something completely different from her usual writing style. Yay! We hope you'll do it again, Sara!

Our own Captain E. Hook took part twice, and really got into it both times. Will she try it again this year? We hope so! Can't wait to read more!

Even though we're not holding a Walk the Plank challenge this month, why not share with us something you enjoyed about participating this year. It can be about any of our fun topics, from flash fiction, to reading challenges, to just laughing at our Pirate pictures!  We'd love to hear from you!

Keep on Walking the Plank, Mateys!