Dare to play a little Truth or Dare?!!!...

Every month the YA Buccaneers do a fantastic Truth & Dare post where we share a Truth and then give you a Dare. If you participated before, you know how fun it is and how it can give you that much-needed shove out of your comfort zone.

But this month, in honor of our 1 Year Anniversary, we’re doing something a little different.  We’re going to... 

Play Truth or Dare

To play you can either:

1)      Share your favorite Truth & Dare post/experience, or

2)      Play Truth or Dare in the comments (i.e. Share a Truth (perhaps something nobody knows about you) or Dare yourself to do something this year (could be writing-related or life-related…the sky’s the limit))

And you can win fabulous prizes all month by playing. Check out the Awesome Treasure Chest the crew has put together for July.

To get you started here are a just a few from the Crew:


Jas Ketch (a.k.a. Kris F. Oliver)- A looong time ago, I dated someone who was a twin and accidentally kissed the wrong twin once (It was dark and I got them mixed up) (It went down about as well as you’d expect) 

Guppy Guts Skullcracker (a.k.a. Heidi Sinnett) My truth.......okay, here's one.  I hate feet. Not a phobia, exactly, but don't make me look at feet.  Don't.  It's good that I live in a cold climate for half of the year, but think about me at this time of year. There are feet everywhere!  It's three months of me doing everything I can to avoid looking down.


Back from the Dead Red (a.k.a. Ellen Goodlett)- I dare myself to go on a writing research trip. I've been thinking about/talking about/semi-planning it for over a year now, and I have plenty saved up, but I just keep writing it off as "not a good enough reason" to go on a whole trip. But that's crap, because writing is my passion and my goal career. If a trip like that would be fun AND improve the story I want to tell, then that's more than enough of a reason to do it!

Lady Byrd Bonebreaker (a.k.a. Sara Biren)- I dare myself to improve my overall health and lose the baby weight by the baby's 8th birthday in March. I hate to exercise and the word diet makes me cringe, but I'm determined to do this! I know it's more than just losing the weight. I've got to take better care of myself. I suck at that.

Bonny Kitty Cutlass (a.k.a Kathryn Holmes) -I am going to dare myself to Walk the Plank a few times in the coming year! These days, when I have writing time scheduled, I focus on the specific project I'm currently working on—and while that's certainly how books get written, I kind of miss just taking a writing prompt and letting my imagination run wild with it. And who knows…that bit of flash fiction could end up being the start of something new! 

Curly McGee (a.k.a. G. Myrthil) -Taking Kat's dare as inspiration, I'm daring myself to do one writing exercise or prompt a month for the next year (12 total). That includes YAB's Walk the Plank! I usually hate writing from prompts because I feel like I suck at it, but they're great for flexing your creative muscles and generating novel ideas. I struggle with brainstorming strong, high concept ideas so hopefully by this time next year, I'll have a bunch to choose from!

Okay, your turn. What's your Truth or Dare?!!!

(Come on don't be a chicken) "Bok, bok, bok!" *does chicken dance*