Ropes of Insanity: The Best of Learn the Ropes!

Throughout this past year, the YA Buccaneers have offered our tips and advice on how to become better writers and readers. We've tried to cover a broad swath of how to navigate these publishing waters, from that first inspiration that kicks off a story to quieting our inner editor and getting our manuscripts ready for querying. Now that we're celebrating our first anniversary, we thought it'd be fun to recap our favorite LtR posts! 


Erin Schneider AKA Captain E. Hook
My favorite LtR post was Kathryn's "Quieting Your Inner Editor". This post was filled with lots of great advice on how to quiet your inner editor (vs. killing her), listed some of the steps necessary to keep the writing process moving forward, and then closed it with some great quotes by some great authors that are oh-so-true!

Heidi Sinnett AKA Guppy Guts Skullcracker

My favourite LtR post was Ellen's "Writing Resources" post. While a lot of the links were familiar to me, the post happened when I was working with my group of Camp NaNoWriMo writers at the library. I found the links to be EXACTLY what I needed to help them along in their journey...all in one neat little post!  Thanks, Ellen!

Kathryn Holmes AKA Bonny Kitty Cutlass

This was a tough decision, but I'm going to nominate Sara's post on critique partners. CPs are such a vital part of the writing process—they can really help shape a book into what it needs to become. Plus, reading other people's work and offering thoughtful comments can help you see your own work with more insight. Sara shared so many great reminders on how to make the most of this oh-so-important relationship. 


Ellen Goodlett AKA Back From the Dead Red

Hmmm, my favorite was probably G.'s post on Book Maps. I'd never seen a book map before, but it made a lot of sense (especially the part about creating it after you have a draft already, because plotting everything in advance has always been difficult for me!). I'm planning to try this on my next revision, really excited about it!


Bridgid AKA Dread Pirate B

There are SO many good Learn the Ropes posts, so this was super hard. In the end, I chose Rachel's "First Drafts" post. First drafts are never easy for me, and this post offers excellent suggestions on how to get through them. Plus, the part about "sh&!*tty" first drafts always makes me laugh. :)


Caroline Richmond AKA Shiver Me Timbers

I absolutely love the LtR series, but right now I'll have to pick Kathryn's post on "Quieting Your Inner Editor" as well. I'm one of those writers who hates writing first drafts (BLERGH!) so I end up revising a lot as I go. But sometimes I really need to quiet my inner editor so I can actually, you know, finish a manuscript and so Kathryn's advice is very spot-on! 


How about you, our pirate-y readers? Do you have a favorite LtR post? And are there any topics that you'd like us to tackle this upcoming year?