A number-riffic look back at our first year

You might have noticed that it's our anniversary month. *grin* We have an EPIC giveaway to show our appreciation for your support. This month, we're also looking back at the highlights of the year (starting with a stop at Book Stack Island).

Today's stop isn't on the map, but consider it a view from the captain's cabin. (Don't all captains have access to analytics?) ;) We thought it would be fun to share our top posts, and a number-riffic look back at our first year.

A quick re-cap

July 2013

In July, we shared goofy interviews AND PIRATE-Y PHOTOS for each crew member! Captain E. HookDread Pirate B.Curly McGeeGuppy Guts SkullcrackerJas Ketch (Siren of the Seychelles)Lady Byrd BonebreakerNeptuneBrunhilde the Black-HeartedBonny Kitty CutlassShiver Me TimbersBack from the Dead Red

August 2013

In August, we talked VACATION. 

We even made a video with our favorite vacation spots:

September 2013

September was about New Voyages, but we also made time to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day with you on Twitter. 

Our favorite #YABpiratetalk tweets:

  • Tracey Neithercott"When I was a young pirate, I read ARRR! YOU THERE GOD, IT'S ME, MARRRGARET?"
  • Jennie King: "Arg! First drafts should walk the plankkk."
  • Ellen Godlett: "Scribble away when yer sloshed, but don't ye go editing that rubbish while yer on the grog! ~ Cap'n Hemingway" 
  • Jae Dansie: "Ahoy! Don' let the query be givin' ya the Davies. Jus' smartly give a reckonin' of who it be n' what them be fightin' fer." 
  • Sarah Chafin: "Me best piece of advice be to press on, payin nary a heed to the nay sayers. If ye've got a dream in yer heart, go for it." 

October 2013

We talked all things spoooooky in October, and shared a few favorite creepy reads

November 2013

In November, we shared The NaNoWriMo Pirate Plan and our best NaNoWriMo advice in a blog hop.


December 2013

In December, we looked back, and shared our favorite reads of 2013!

January 2014

We celebrated Rachel Searles' debut, THE LOST PLANET, with Pirates in Space in January.

February 2014

In February we talked love.

March-May 2014

You guys made our three-month writing bootcamp a HUGE success!

June 2014

We're still loving seeing your #YABSummerReads. Keep 'em coming! (Or get started here.)


This year's most popular posts:

  1. Spring Writing Bootcamp
  2. The (NaNoWriMo) Pirate Plan
  3. What Would Your Dream Vacation Look Like?
  4. Introducing YA Buccaneers
  5. Critique Partners of Awesome

By the numbers:

  • ~29,000 page views

  • ~5,000 users

  • 192 blog posts

  • 391 blog subscribers

  • 75 Word Sprints

  • 71 Spring Bootcamp Participants

My favorite number? The YA Buccaneers blog has been read by people in 103 different countries. Wow! :) 

How awesome is that!?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments: Which theme did you like the best? Do you have a favorite blog post or event?

Your opinions will help us shape next year's themes and events!