How I Spent My Summer Vacation (in 200 words or less!)


We're using our theme, 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' as inspiration for this month's Walk the Plank challenge. But wait! Don't go. We're giving this tired essay contest a new twist.

Share with us, in 200 words or less, either your personal 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' essay, or a fictionalized essay.

Perhaps your essay will be about the road trip you made with your kids. Or maybe it'll be about a reluctant summer camp-goer. Or a teen who had to nanny the worst kids EVER all summer. Or, speaking of summer jobs, how about an ice cream shop scooper-turned vampire hunter? (It could happen, right?)

Post your essay either in the comments, or on your blog. Just be sure to share the link with us so we can read it! If you share a link on Twitter, be sure to mention @YABuccaneers and use the hashtag #WalkThePlank so we can find it. 

Whoever you write about and whatever happened during their/your summer vacation we can't wait to read it!