Nearing the end of our first Summer Reading Challenge

If you've been following our Summer Reading Challenge, then you'll know it's coming to an end. We'd love to hear what you thought of the challenge. Do you like it? If so, what did you like about it? What could we improve?

But first, read on for what a few of our crew members thought:

Bonny Kitty Cutlass (Kathryn Holmes) 

I had a blast doing the Summer Reading Challenge. The categories pushed me to consider some books I might not otherwise have picked up, and gave me an excuse to read some I'd had on my TBR list for a long time! It's been a wonderful, book-filled summer. :)

Back From the Dead Red (Ellen Goodlett)

The Challenge encouraged me to get off my butt and tackle my to-read list -- plus the categories helped me narrow down the list a bit, so I wasn't struck by indecision every time I stared at the shelf of unread titles awaiting. I especially loved LIES WE TELL OURSELVES, which I read for the LGBT square, and SHARP OBJECTS, which I read for the non-YA category (though it had also been on my TBR list for a looong time).

Dread Pirate B. (Bridgid Gallagher)

What a great challenge! It was harder to hit the books on the challenge list than I thought it would be. I loved having extra motivation to seek out books I wouldn't normally pick up. I also loved having an excuse to ask Twitter for book recommendations! 

Lady Byrd Bonebreaker (Sara Biren)


I never met a reading challenge that I didn't like, and once I set my mind to reading at least one book in each category, there was no stopping me! In all, I read about 35 books this summer including the ones for the Challenge - and some that I wouldn't have read if not for these prompts. It took some planning and a lot of library requests, but as my 11-year-old would say, "I conquered the Summer Reading Challenge!"
Check out on Tuesday, August 26 for a complete recap of my summer reading adventure.

It's your turn! What did you think of the challenge? Favorite title? Hardest-to-find? We'd love to hear about your #YABSummerReads experience!