Shiver Me Timbers! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy, Mateys!  It’s back….the likes of which they call International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And th’  YA Buccaneers arrrrgh celebratin’! We’re sharin’ in th’ day with all ye land lubbers, so get out yer swords!


Today be fun, so listen up!

We here have put together a little bit of treasure for yer readin’ pleasure, ya scallywanks! The openin’  lines of what we’re scribblin’ right now…with a pirate twist!

Guppy Guts Skullcracker planked a few words:

Weren’t no more than a lad o’ six when I lit me first fire. Three mores by th’ time I be ten.

Lady Byrd Bonebreaker scrawled this:

The dead last pirate I be expectin’ to lay eyes on when departin’ o’ the tram be Wesley “The Milkman” Millard, heartbreaker o’ the high seas.

Bonny Kitty Cutlass twirled  ‘er sword on this:

"Right now, I be thinkin' about the way me arm reaches toward the horizon. The way me back arches like the swell o' the waves. The way me knees bend like I be still gettin' me sea legs, and the way me boots stand firm against the creak and moan o' the deck."

Back From the Dead Red made waves w’this:

"Arr, don't be a pansie. One more fer tha' road!" Lorelei were a blur before me, but I had enough o' me wits remainin' to focus on th' rum in her hand.
"This be a bad idea," I slurred. Me hand grabbed at th' bottle anyway.

Dread Pirate B., swabbed th' deck with her words, Matey!

Th' lassies should a been tucked in hammocks, not prowlin' the decks a' night. Thar be no quarter for spies on th' brig!

Ahoy! Ahoy!

 If ya feel like ye’s got the goods, follow our ship on th’ high seas called Twittarrrrgh and share yer own scribblin’. (Translation: join us on Twitter today by sharing your own 1st lines of your WIP…Pirate Style!) We’re hashtaggin’ #YABPirateTalk, so get on wit’ it, Mateys! Arrrgh!