Truth and Dare


We’re a little more than halfway through the first part of 2015, and I know many of you made resolutions that you vowed you could stick to this year. But let’s be honest—it doesn’t always go that way, right?

This year, I promised myself five things (as part of the YA Buccaneers Instagram Challenge in December). I would:

·         Eat healthier

·         Spend more time with family

·         Speak up

·         Use my holiday time better

·         Go easier on myself

I’ll be honest and say I’m doing about two of these.

We started late into our “healthy eating” plan because of a New Year’s Day dinner. Then, of course, we had leftovers. But last week, we did pretty well, so I’m hoping it’ll continue. (Although, I went to the store yesterday and the cashier asked me why I wasn’t buying any chocolate bars. UGH! Someone is always watching.)

So, that made me feel bad about myself, even though my shopping cart was chocolate bar-free. I spent the next few hours wondering who else had been keeping tabs on our eating habits. The other grocery store we frequent? My co-workers? The Vietnamese restaurant we like to go to now and then? I was feeling pretty schmucky about it all, which made me angry at us for letting ourselves get into those habits. A whole day spent struggling with that. There goes the “go easier on myself” goal.

And I’ll admit, I’ve already kept words and thoughts from crossing my lips this year, even though I vowed to speak up more. I can count a handful of times already…when I really wanted to take an earlier train home from the conference I’m going to at the end of the month, but couldn’t admit that to my boss….when I wanted to discuss the idea of dropping our satellite radio subscription because it would be one less bill (I eventually got it out, but why it took me so long, or so much deliberation, I’ll never know)…..and a conversation with someone about calling me so frequently, that I still haven’t had.  I’m not doing too well, am I? (Which goes back to me failing at “going easier on myself”.)

Goals. Resolutions. Lies? We might as well resolve to always be down on ourselves, always let people walk all over us, and never feel good about any of the accomplishments we’ve made. That way, when we look back on the year to see how we’ve fared, we’ll be like, “Wow. Yeah. I did all that stuff! I actually did all that stuff! Wahoo! I’m a resolution GOD!”


So, the dare this month is more about TRUTH. The resolutions we set a few weeks ago weren’t bad. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Today, we’re going to do a reboot. Fresh start. Day 1. Go.

I dare you to look at your New Year’s resolutions today. Be honest. What have you accomplished from the list so far? What are you still thinking about and trying to do? If you’ve crossed something off the list, YAY! If not, I want you to think about why you set that goal in the first place, and try to do something to work toward that goal. Today. Now. One thing.

Now tell us all about it.


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Good luck!