Meet our 2015 Fall Writing Bootcamp Sponsors!

We're over half-way through our Fall Writing Bootcamp, and nearly 100 writers are working hard to meet heir writing goals with us. To reward their hard work, we collaborated with a few small biz owners to hook up our bootcampers with some amazing deals.

(Want to know *how* amazing? You'll have to join bootcamp!)

Today, we're chatting with our sponsors so you can get to know them. We asked each sponsor five (extremely important!) questions: 

  1. Dark or milk chocolate?
  2. Coffee or tea? 
  3. Hogwarts house? 
  4. E-reader or physical book?
  5. All-time favorite kidlit (YA or MG) book or series? 

Read on to hear what they had to say!

Hafsah Faizal of Icey Designs

IceyDesigns offer web and design services plus a retail shop for writers and book enthusiasts, where you can purchase journals, pencils, and more, all handmade in the USA.

1. Milk chocolate! 

2. Tea. Always tea. 

3. Gryffindor. Or maybe Slytherin. I'll never tell.

4. Both! Sometimes my phone's e-reader because it's convenient, but I'll never forsake the physical book. I need gorgeous tomes on my shelves!

5. It's a tie: The Throne of Glass series and the Grisha Trilogy. I love me some really good fantasy!

Ashley Brooks of Brooks Editorial 

Ashley is a freelance editor and the author of THE SELF-EDITING HANDBOOK.

1. Dark chocolate, every time. My husband doesn't like dark chocolate, so this has the added bonus of ensuring that when I buy chocolate for me, it stays all mine. ;)

2. Only half-caf iced coffee, only between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.. I've tried unsuccessfully to convert to tea for years. My most recent attempt was just last week, actually. I grabbed an alluring orange tin of something called Hot Cinnamon Sunset. It turns out that this tastes exactly like Big Red gum in liquid form. At least the tin looks good in my kitchen!

3. Ravenclaw. I'm a nerd at heart, and I look good in blue.

4. I'm all about physical books, but having a baby has made me turn to my Kindle at least 50% of the time. (You can turn the page on an e-reader without waking up the baby who's sleeping in your other arm! Not so with a hardcover.) Now that my little one is a bit older, I like to push her in the stroller while I read. It's multitasking at its finest, and an e-reader definitely helps.

5. Harry Potter will always be nearest and dearest to my heart, but before everyone's favorite boy wizard was Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time series. Those books had a magic all their own, and they completely captured my imagination as a kid. Zipping forward to present day and leaving the world of magic behind, my favorite YA contemporary novel is the new release Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers.

Anna More of The Lovely Design Co.

Beautiful, feminine designs for bloggers and authors on WordPress.

1. Milk Chocolate, fo' sho'

2. Tea! I haven't actually ever had a cup of coffee... ever!

3. I feel like I should be all GOOD GUYS! And pick Gryffindor, but my heart is saying Slytherin.

4. Both! I have all of my favourite books in physical form, but I typically read a book first on e-reader. If I love the book though, I'll buy it in all formats!

5. Fablehaven (Brandon Mull) + Artemis Fowl (Eoin Colfer)! They have imagination like I have never seen in other books!

Ashley Evans of Nose Graze 

I help book bloggers rock on WordPress.

1. Milk all the way! I'd actually rather eat no chocolate than eat dark chocolate. Crazy, huh?

2. I'm actually a hot chocolate girl, but if forced to choose, then coffee. But I only drink hazelnut lattes!

3. Pottermore tells me Hufflepuff. I think that could be accurate. :)

4. E-reader. I used to be super anti e-reader but now I love them.

5. Ohh His Dark Materials. I was OBSESSED! Maybe that's a bit on the older scale of YA but I loved it big time (still do, of course). I desperately want a daemon!

Lara Willard

Fiction and comics editor

1. Either, so long as it's wrapped around coconut, pretzel, or peanut butter. I like plain m&ms, though. I don't like the above to be candy-coated. Actually, can I add a third? White chocolate pineapple bark is absolute nirvana.

2. I like my tea like I like my men. Hot, strong, and sweet. Steve Rogers in a mug.

3. I'm a lot like a Ravenclaw, but I'd rather hang out with Gryffindors. As a kid I was a lot like Hermione. Now I'm like a mix of Minerva and Molly. The official sorting hat placed me in Gryffindor, and if that means I get to be BFFs with Neville, I'm cool with that.

4. As a former designer, I have a penchant for naked hardcover books. I do like my e-reader—I just don't like how generic it feels.

5. Number the Stars was the first book that really crushed me, that I read over and over. After that, I read a lot of nonfiction and adult books. That, in fourth grade, was my gateway to hard literature. Harry Potter, which I didn't read until I was an adult, was my gateway into MG and YA, and that's most of what I read now.

Elizabeth Buege

Freelance editor

1. Dark chocolate! I have a sugar sensitivity, so milk chocolate doesn't sit right with me anymore. I like the flavor of dark chocolate better, too.

2. Definitely tea. I enjoy a flavored coffee now and then, but I drink some kind of black, green, or herbal tea pretty much every day.

3. Ravenclaw! When I was in school, I was obsessed with getting good grades, and I'm still obsessed with books!

4. Easy question: I love the scent and feel of a real book, whether old or new. Call me old-fashioned, but I need physical pages to turn.

5. All-time favorite kidlit (YA or MG) book or series? Can I mention both? I grew up on the Narnia series, so those are near and dear to my heart. A standalone that I've reread more than any other book is Robin McKinley's Spindle's End. It's a retelling of Sleeping Beauty that is deep, complex, and uses rich language to portray a rich world. I love it!

A huge & heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for answering our essential questions (WE HAD TO KNOW) and for supporting our bootcamp. 

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  1. Dark or milk chocolate?
  2. Coffee or tea? 
  3. Hogwarts house? 
  4. E-reader or physical book?
  5. All-time favorite kidlit (YA or MG) book or series?