How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

We're celebrating the release of THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND by our crew member, Kathryn Holmes, with a love letter blog hop! To join us, write a love letter to someone (or something) who has helped shape you as a writer, or who has been an important part of your writing life. Your love letter does not have to be in a traditional letter format - playlists, drawings or illustrations, poems, book round-ups are welcome. Feel free to get creative! If you choose to participate, share your link here and you'll be entered to win a Prize Pack - which includes a copy of Kathryn's book!

Without further adieu, my love letter:

Dear Roald Dahl,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

I've loved thee from the very first page of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, when I was four years old.

I loved thee for being my motivation to do all of those odd chores, to pull all those weeds, to wash all those windows – whatever it took to earn the money needed to buy every single one of your books.

I love thee for being the creative genius behind THE WITCHES and THE BFG; even now as an adult, they are two of my absolute most favorite reads.

I love thee for your vivid and crazy imagination. Your boundless creativity. Your iconic illustrations. And your ability to build worlds I still close my eyes and dream of.

I love thee for being the muse behind my own far away make-believe worlds and being the encouragement to ever put those words on to paper.

I love thee for inspiring a 4-year-old to read…and keeping that candle blazing almost 35 years later.

And I love thee because you are every reason I ever dreamed of becoming a writer.

Thank you, Roald Dahl…an imagination like yours is a rarity this world will most likely never see again. I’m so glad you happened in my lifetime.