Dear Readers...

We're more than a few love letters into our month-long love-fest, and I hope you're enjoying reading them as much as I am! I also hope you've been inspired to write a love letter of your own and share it on your own blog, because the prize packs for participating are pretty awesome—says the author whose book is being featured this month. Haha! If you want to join the blog hop, simply write a love letter to someone who has had an impact on your writing or reading life, and share it using the banner above. More details about how to participate and what you can win are HERE

For me, this post is a double-blog-hop/tour-special, because it's also part of my book release week "7 Days of THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND" celebration. More info on that on my personal website HERE, including where you'll find me online for the rest of this week! 

And now, without further ado, my love letter. 


Dear Readers,

Tomorrow, my book stops belonging to me and starts belonging to you.

Yes, some of you have already read it, but in ARC form the book was still technically mine. I could still change something if I absolutely had to. Now…it’s done. I can hold the shiny hardcover in my hands. Tomorrow, some of you will be holding the shiny hardcover in yours. And I just wanted to tell you, now, on the record, that I love you. All of you.

Like every aspiring writer, I spent a lot of years dreaming about having readers. That is, readers who weren’t my parents or my siblings or my friends or my professors or my classmates. I fantasized about the day someone would pick my book up off the shelf, skim the front jacket copy, and flip through the pages. I longed for the day people would pay actual money to read something I’d written, or put a book of mine on hold at the library. I imagined them telling their friends, who would tell their friends. And of course, I dreamed about being the author people were buzzing about online. I had yet to finish a publishable manuscript, but I was already in love with the idea of having readers.

Now, on the eve of my debut novel’s release, I’m feeling a little closer to terrified. But trust me, it’s the exhilarating kind of terror. I’m at the highest point on the roller coaster, and we’re about to hit the drop. If you snap an action photo of me tomorrow, halfway down the hill, I’ll probably be squealing. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dear readers, whoever you are, I am so excited for my book to meet you. I hope my book finds you when you most need to read it. I hope it makes you smile. I wouldn’t be at all upset if it makes you cry. I definitely hope it makes you think. I hope you want to reread it, returning to it as if to an old friend after months or years apart. Whether you finish it in a day or you slow down to savor every word—and yes, even if you end up not liking it at all—you’re a part of my writing journey now, and I love you for it.

Let’s do this thing together.