Spring Writing Bootcamp Word Sprint schedule

In case you missed this morning's post, our Spring Writing Bootcamp has begun! We'd love it if you joined us. And even if you don't join the bootcamp, you are always welcome to join our Word Sprints!

What's a Word Sprint? For one hour, we try to write (or revise) as much as we can. To stay motivated and accountable, we check in with each other on Twitter (the full description is here). Warning: writers who join Word Sprints often end up writing for longer than an hour! ;)

We have a set schedule of Word Sprints for the Spring Writing Bootcamp, so you can add these days and times to your calendar:

  • Mondays: 9am EST
  • Tuesdays: 10am EST
  • Wednesdays: 2pm EST
  • Wednesdays: 10pm EST
  • Thursdays: 12:30pm EST

If these days and times don't work for you, don't worry! We'll also announce impromptu writing parties and sprints on our Twitter account. If you find yourself in the need of writing company, you can always start your own writing party! It's easy: just use the bootcamp hashtag (#SWB2015) to find out who else is writing, and invite them to join you. 

What do you think - do any of these days/times work for you? If not, let us know what *would* work for you. If we get enough votes for a certain day/time, we'll do our best to make it happen!

P.S. Want to start the Spring Writing Bootcamp strong? Join us tonight for our first SWB Word Sprint at 10pm EST!