Spring Writing Bootcamp Accountability Teams


New to our Spring Writing Bootcamp? It's a two-month writing challenge we host to help our favorite writers (that includes you!) meet their goals. Read our bootcamp basics and join us!

When we asked you for your thoughts on this year's bootcamp, almost everyone requested accountability teams or partners. So teams are back, with a couple of minor tweaks that we hope you'll find improvements over our previous bootcamps. Mostly, we wanted to simplify and make it easier to keep up with your team.

Accountability Team Basics

  1. You can either choose your own team, or ask us to place you in a team.
  2. Teams are limited to 2-4 people. 

That's it!

In the comments, let us know:

A) If you would like us to place you on a team, 


B) If you prefer to choose your own team. If you choose this option, let us know who is on your team in the comments (for funsies you can also choose a name for your team). 

We'll announce the first teams on Monday, April 6th. *** UPDATE: We've pushed back the announcement to WednesdayApril 8th, see your bootcamp email for details! ***

And now I am *very* tempted to say, "Let the Hunger Games begin!" Wrong games, though, right? ;)

Happy Bootcamp! :)