Need a Critique Partner? Join our Match Up!

A few of our Spring Writing Bootcamp participants have mentioned that they want/need/would kill (characters) for a few great critique partners. Because we think you're awesome and amazing, we want to help. How? With a critique partner match up! 

What is a critique partner(CP)?

A CP is a fellow writer who reads part or all of your manuscript and offers feedback. Bonus points if they write in a similar genre or if they are VERY familiar with your genre. Ideally, you swap work with your CP - even if it's not at the same time, the idea is to exchange your work at some point.

How to CP

It takes time to build a pack of trusted CPs, but the best way to start is to find writers who sound like a good fit, and swap your work. Begin with a chapter or two, and be specific about the type of feedback you want. After you test the waters, you can make bigger swaps. 

Remember to give the kind of feedback you'd want to receive (no one likes to have their work ruthlessly torn apart, the less glee you use when pointing out errors/mistakes/poorly written parts - the better!). Focus on being constructive, helpful, and encouraging. In short: These are relationships you're building, so treat each other well.

We have a few great posts on CPs in the archives, including a few tips on how to be a good critique partner, how to polish your manuscript before sharing it with your critique partner, and Captain E. Hook's thoughts on critique partners of awesome (from last year's CP match up). 

Match me UP!

If you're looking for new critique partner (or two!), then join our match up! Simply comment on this post with the following: 

  1. Your genre (YA Contemporary, MG Fantasy, YA Paranormal, etc.)
  2. Word Count (is your manuscript complete? almost complete?)
  3. What you'd like to share (manuscript, partial, query, etc.)
  4. Your contact information (email, blog, twitter)

Once you've added YOUR information in the comments, read through the other comments for writers who might be a good fit. Reply to their comment to let them know, then take it from there.

One last thing: Please share this post to help us reach MORE writers (i.e. more potentional critique partners for you!).

We hope this helps you find your dream CP(s)!