Honorary Crew Member Interview: Meet Jennifer Pickrell

We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary this month, and thought it would be fun to celebrate YOU -- the readers, writers, bloggers, and overall wonderful people who've supported us during this time! We've selected a few of our favorite people, interviewed them, and bestowed upon them the fancy title of "Honorary YA Buccaneer Crew Mate" (which also gets them 10 extra entries into our July Anniversary Giveaway!). We've already interviewed Alexa, Steph, and Adrianne.

I'm back to interview Jennifer Pickrell, who has been one of the YA Buccaneers' biggest fans from Day One. I tried to recall when I first connected with Jen myself and I cannot. It feels like I've always known her... at least since I actively started engaging with other writers on blogs and Twitter several years ago.

Now is your chance to get to know Jennifer Pickrell!

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an independent contractor (web “stuff”) who writes YA Contemp.  It’s also her favorite genre to read, although she will try any book once. She lives in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband. She loves cats. Jennifer can be found on Twitter as @jenpickrell and she blogs at www.jenniferpickrell.wordpress.com.

What genre(s) do you write, and what are you working on right now?

I write YA contemporary and I'm working on two things right now:

THE STAINED GLASS SUN AND MOON, which I'm querying/entering in contests. It's about Jules and Jesse, a pregnancy test, and making choices that can't be taken back.

EMMA (all my WIPs start out named after the main character), about a 15-year-old girl trying to save her alcoholic cousin.

How did you get started writing - did you always want to be a writer?

It began in 2nd grade when my teacher made us keep a journal. The next year I started a personal diary called "Diary Written." Apparently I've always struggled with titles.

When I was 16/17, I made a stab at writing a novel. My creative writing teacher, being the sweet, supportive woman that she was, showered me with encouragement and from that point on, I never looked back. Writing was a part of me.

Fun fact: THE STAINED GLASS SUN AND MOON is that novel, only it's been completely overhauled, to the point that the only similarities are a couple of character names.

What are your top reads of the year (so far)?

I've read some fantastic books this year and it's hard to narrow down, but A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness is definitely near the top.

What upcoming reads are you most looking forward to?

There are soooo many, but here's a few I hope to get to in the next few months:


And I'm always excited to pick up books by the YAB crew members!

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I'm sorta (majorly) addicted to TV, so you'll often find me watching it while reading a book. It's what I like to call "multi-tasking."

When I'm not catching up on soaps or watching crime dramas from the 1970s, I like to  immerse myself in the world of so-bad-they're-awesome movies - my younger bro is my partner in crime with this endeavor.

Other than that, you can find me chilling with my husband, taking selfies with our cats and occasionally checking out the scenery in the pretty little valley where I live.

Selfie with cat


What do you like best about YA Buccaneers? And what would you like to see added in the future?

I love the reading and writing challenges - I get to push myself and have fun doing it. Not to mention I get to hang out with other YA writers. It's a win-win-win every which way.

Keep doing what you're doing ladies and thanks for letting me stop by :)


Thank you, Jennifer!

As our anniversary month winds down this week, stay tuned for a few final celebratory posts!