Summer Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Today is the last day of August and summer is almost over. The 2015 Summer Reading Challenge has come to a close. Our final Friday update was last week.

The Summer Reading Challenge has easily become one of my favorite YA Buccaneers projects. I look forward to helping come up with the categories and I look forward to having that extra push to read. This summer was a busy one for me, and although I read a ton of books, I didn't plan out my YAB Summer Reads correctly and I fell short. I missed four categories.

How did you do? We'd love to hear about your #YABSummerReads. What was your favorite category/book? What category did you find most challenging? Do you have any category suggestions for next year?

We'd like to reward you for taking on the Summer Reading Challenge! If you participated in the Challenge this year, enter below for your chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Thanks for joining us in the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge and happy reading!