Welcome to September—and Welcome Back to School!

It's that time of year again. Time for backpacks and textbooks and Number 2 pencils. Time for waking up early to make it to first period on time and for staying up late to finish homework. Time for Friday night football games and fall leaves and...well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

If you're a writer, you probably have a particular fondness for everything that back-to-school entails, from shopping for school supplies to gearing up to work hard after a long and relaxing summer vacation. Here at the YA Buccaneers, we took a bit of a break over the summer, doing a reading challenge but taking a pass on serious writing challenges. That's all about to change. In October, we're planning to do a month-long mini-bootcamp to prepare you for November, when it's NaNoWriMo time! Stay tuned for more information on what we have coming up this fall. 

So September's our transition: from summer to autumn, and from vacation mode to bootcamp. We've got some word sprints scheduled, so keep an eye on our Twitter, @YABuccaneers, to find out when we'll be writing. We'll be back to our usual blog roster as well, including Learn the Ropes and Reading Mutiny posts to get you in a writing and reading frame of mind (ready for some high school–themed books?). We're planning to be quite productive, and we hope you'll join us. 

As an incentive, we've assembled a prize pack of back-to-school goodies, including: 

  • Two pocket-sized notebooks, for jotting down precious story ideas
  • A pack of red pens, for attacking your manuscript
  • Typewriter-key paperclips, for keeping everything together
  • A bookmark, for holding your place when you're forced to stop reading
  • Cucumber-mint hand sanitizer gel, for fighting those cooler-weather germies

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We're excited for everything fall has to offer, and we hope you are too. Thanks for setting sail into the new school year with us.