Reading Mutiny: All About That Craft!

Yesterday, we announced that October is Fall Writing Bootcamp month! If you haven't already signed up, read our introductory blog post for more information. You definitely won't want to miss out. 

(Here's our Ship's Log. Go ahead. I'll wait.) 

Now that you're all signed up and starting to think about what projects you're going to tackle with us this month, it's time for us to recommend some resources that might help and inspire you. That's right—this month's Reading Mutiny is all about the craft of writing and the path toward publication! Our crew has picked six books and a few blogs that might aid you on this writing journey. So without further ado: 

Stephen King's ON WRITING (Goodreads)  

Anne Lamott's BIRD BY BIRD (Goodreads)  

Blake Snyder's SAVE THE CAT (Goodreads)  


Donald Maass's THE FIRE IN FICTION (Goodreads

K.M. Weiland's OUTLINING YOUR NOVEL (Goodreads

Want your writing and publishing tips presented in blog post–sized chunks instead? Here are a few resources that might come in handy: 

Susan Dennard's Resources for Writers

DIY MFA: Tools & Techniques for the Serious Writer

Helping Writers Become Authors

Query Shark

What are your go-to writing resources? Is there a book or blog we didn't list that has been vital in your writing life? Share with your fellow Bootcampers! We can always use more tricks of the trade. 

Happy reading!