We're Brainstorming!

This is going to be a new way we help our Fall Bootcampers out of a jam. The YAB Brainstorm sessions on Twitter will let our Bootcampers post a problem with their current novel, and ask for help with ideas. Using the hashtag #YABbrainstorm, you can offer up a solution, post a writing problem, or send a fellow writer some inspiration.

We’re trying something new at the YA Buccaneers….brainstorming! While everyone is busy planning their NaNoWriMo masterpiece, this is also the time when we start to realize that we might have major plot holes, or characters that we don’t know what to do with. We’re here to help, or rather, we’re here to ask everyone to help out. It’s #YABbrainstorm!


YAB Brainstorming came out of many sessions I’ve had with critique partners who have sent along a question about something they’ve written. We’ve all been there…in the middle of revision, or even a first draft, and everything is falling apart. You need to figure it out, but your mind has worked out every possibility you can come up with, and now you need a different point of view. It’s hard to keep asking your critique partners for help, so this is an alternative. Let’s use the hive mind to help someone out of a jam.


Tonight, we’ll have our first ever YAB Brainstorming session on Twitter, from 7-8pm EDT. Join in the conversation, and ask questions of other writers that pertain to blank holes in your manuscript. Need to think of a good reason why that guy in your romance suddenly walks away from the girl he secretly loves? Need a title idea? Ask for ideas. #YABbrainstorm


Don’t give away your hook, just ask about problem ideas. You don’t want to let everyone know you’re writing a fab new Sci-Fi with a great twist, but maybe you need help with an idea that you can’t work out, like a special weapon, or the name for a cool planet. Or maybe you just need to ask if something seems plausible before spending half a book on it, only to find out it doesn’t make any sense. Go ahead, brainstorm away!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #YABbrainstorm so that we can all follow along. We’ll be there to ask questions, prompt writers to join in, and get the conversation rolling. Join us!  It’ll make you feel good to help out a fellow writer in need!