New Beginnings: Our Crew's Goals for 2016!

The YA Buccaneers crew is sharing their writing goals for 2016! What are you hoping to accomplish in the coming year? 

"Resolutions" can be a scary word — so why not focus on goals, instead? To help you launch 2016 in the best possible way, our crew decided to share our writing goals for the coming year with you. Want to share your personal and professional goals? Chime in in the comments! We can't wait to cheer you on. :)

"In 2016, I want to finish revising the book I'm currently working on, and write/revise my Shiny New Idea — both are contemporary YA. Then I'd like to query again! It's been a long time since I last sent a query, so I'm excited to send my newest work out into the world this year. I also want to read as much as I can, at least 30 books." — G. Myrthil, aka Curly McGee 

"My big goal for 2016 is to write more books! Last year, I wrote one new manuscript and started a second, but most of my focus was on revising my MG Fantasy manuscript. In 2016, I plan to complete three new manuscripts. The second part of my goal is to publish — or at least (since traditional publishing can take some time) move closer to getting published. I'll be seeking a literary agent for my MG Fantasy in early 2016, so cross your fingers for me!" — Bridgid Gallagher, aka Dread Pirate B

"My goal for 2016 is to prepare for 2017 and the publication of THE LAST THING YOU SAID. I've got high hopes for my next book, COLD DAY IN THE SUN, and I'd like to finish my current WIP, IF YOU WERE HERE. My most immediate goal is to finish my current round of revisions for TLTYS... and then whatever comes next, which ties into my goal of staying grounded in the present, living in the moment." — Sara Biren, aka Lady Byrd Bonebreaker

"I just sent a heavily revised (and cried upon) MS to my agent, which will hopefully go on sub a little later this winter. Next up, I'm tearing back into a book I put away last year, and hope to have the first draft of that completed by summer. Maybe wishful thinking, but it's a goal." — Heidi Sinnett, aka Guppy Guts Skullcracker

"For 2016, I want to finish my first draft of LOVE & OTHER CURIOSITIES. This has been my biggest labor of love so far and I'm still 'stitching together all the stars' in this sprawling constellation. I also get to start a shiny new project. This is always my favorite part and I have a few ideas that would be so much fun to write." — Kris F. Oliver, aka Jas Ketch, Siren of the Seychelles

"2016 is a big year for me in so many ways — especially the first week of May! Not only will I celebrate a milestone birthday on May 1st, but May 3rd is also the book birthday for my YA Contemporary debut, SUMMER OF SLOANE. With so much going on, my goals for the year are actually pretty simple: enjoy my debut year, celebrate every moment, have fun with my little boy, read as much as I can, and write my next book!" — Erin L. Schneider, aka Captain E. Hook

"I'm working on completing a draft of a new YA — an idea I'd been mulling over for a long time before finally starting to get down some words in the fall. I hope to send sample chapters and a synopsis to my agent very soon, and to get the whole thing to beta readers by the spring. Then, my second book, HOW IT FEELS TO FLY, releases in June, and I want to do as much as I can to promote it without getting overwhelmed. I'm still learning how to balance writing/revising with promotional author duties!" — Kathryn Holmes, aka Bonny Kitty Cutlass

What are your writing and reading goals for the coming year?