Join our #12DaysofYAB holiday photo challenge!

Join the YA Buccaneers for our #12DaysofYAB holiday photo challenge! Check in with us by following the prompts, and share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or your blog. Read the post for more info >>>

After our busy Fall Writing Bootcamp, we're ready to spend time with friends, family, and our favorite holiday reads. Which is why we have a fun, but low-key photo challenge for you! Want to join us? (Of course you do!)

You're officially invited to join us for 12 Days of YAB! 

12 Days of YAB runs from today, December 9th, through December 20th, 2016. This is a photo challenge for both readers and writers.

To participate:

  1. Share the photo (above) on your favorite social media platform (Instagram is usually the most popular, followed by Twitter). Bonus: Tag friends when you share your photo and invite them to join us!
  2. Follow the daily prompts. Feel free to get creative! And no worries if you can't post every day (the idea is to have fun!).
  3. Include #12DaysofYAB on your photos or tweets/posts, and use the hashtag to find other readers & writers who are participating in the challenge. This is the BEST part of the challenge! Posting photos is great, but liking other people's photos and getting to know them is even better. :)

Remember: you can participate from any social media platform - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - whatever works best for you!

What do you think: will you be joining us for #12DaysofYAB? If so, hop in the comments below and let us know where to look for your posts/photos!